A turkey named Wilbur.

A normal person who moved into a house where wild turkeys wandered the backyard might be inclined to ignore them until they went away.  A normal person, once these turkeys disappeared, might describe the parting as fortunate.  But since moving into our house, replete with flock of wild turkeys, my family and I have done our darnedest to bond with these big birds.

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Happy Turkey Day! I mean, Saint Patrick’s Day!

Top o’ the morning to you!  While you may be enjoying Irish soda bread, drinking Irish coffee or sneaking one more Irish potato, I am dreaming of a humongous turkey sandwich, slathered in mayo, sitting atop a mountain of mashed potatoes with gravy and dressing and cranberry sauce and ….!!!!!!!!!!

Oooh baby, when you gobble, it makes me SALIVATE.

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