Happy Turkey Day! I mean, Saint Patrick’s Day!

Top o’ the morning to you!Β  While you may be enjoying Irish soda bread, drinking Irish coffee or sneaking one more Irish potato, I am dreaming of a humongous turkey sandwich, slathered in mayo, sitting atop a mountain of mashed potatoes with gravy and dressing and cranberry sauce and ….!!!!!!!!!!

Oooh baby, when you gobble, it makes me SALIVATE.

The turkeys LOVE IT when you vote DAILY for The Daily Dish.

PS: My pal Nat just sent me a link to the cutest St. Patty’s Day cake I have ever seen (pictured below) — check it out!!!

0 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Day! I mean, Saint Patrick’s Day!

    1. Hah! Yeah we’re not that big on the whole St Patty’s Day thing but MAN am I big on the turkey. They’re still out there, grazing, and I am leering at the window..

    1. The turkeys say THANKS! and so do I!

      The turkeys are wild but as we feed them daily they’ve become fixtures in our yard. They come for breakfast, drop back for lunch, and round out the day with dinner. (before going home for the night.)

      I wish I enjoyed my fantasy sandwich, but alas.. no. I could draw you a picture though. πŸ™‚

  1. Nice Irish soda bread recipe, thanks! I heard a man yesterday on NPR who has a blog entitled The Society to Preserve Authentic Irish Soda Bread (or something like that; I didn’t look him up) who was absolutely indignant about the idea of adding anything as exotic as currents to “real” Irish soda bread. He was very passionate about his cause!

    1. Sounds like a certain Brit below (Ahem, S.Le) who insists that SCONES are round and biscuits are strictly cookies. Whereas I believe scones should be wedge-shaped and biscuits are round and bread like. You say tomato, I say tomato, let’s call the whole thing off!


      I agree, that cake looks divine. I have been craving green frosted cake all day long but no magical leprechaun has appeared yet. Perhaps if I drink some wine I can pretend? πŸ˜‰

    1. I like the sound of that! Thanks Binky!

      PS: I am still craving green cake. Good thing my older daughter celebrates her birthday Monday. We are certain to have cake cake & MORE cake!! WOOT!

  2. I wonder what color your teeth would be after eating that cake.
    There’s only one thing worse than looking like you ate a leprechaun. Looking like you ate a Smurf.

    1. I think I’d happily deal with blue or green teeth for (a little while) just to sample that cake. It looks so yummy! I am SO GLAD Maddie’s birthday is finally here and we get to eat cake tonight. WOOOOHOOOO!!!

  3. Mmmm… That turkey sandwich sounds great, I am gunna have to go to the kitchen & see what I can scrounge up now. That cake is so brightly coloured it looks like it was made with plasticine

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