C is for …

Last night at dinner, while other families were conversing about art and politics, my family and I were discussing our favorite letters. And like many other Sesame Street topics of conversation, it was polarizing. My daughters and I all (of course) chose the first letters of our names as our favorites. Mine being C. But just because C is for Christy doesn’t mean I’m biased solely because of THAT.

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My mugs.

Yeah yeah, I know I’m overdue for my weekly post.  SO be it.  It’s not like I’m sitting around on my duff (though I certainly am at this moment and BOY does it feel good).  Listen, it’s hard finding time to write here when I spend most of the day in the kitchen and the rest wrestling crap out of the dog’s mouth.

So before Wipeout is over (I still have 17 mins) instead of some inspired something, or a blog post about the house, I am here to treat you with this:

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