My first vlog – the house tour!

My amazing husband bought me a new iPhone last weekend. For those who might be rolling their eyes thinking I’m a pampered princess, you are right. But how many months could YOU do “speaker phone” for fear of glass in the face?

My youngest dropped the phone on the driveway back in July while showing our neighbor photos of her ER visit. It might have withstood the drop had the dog not previously fished the phone out of my purse and used it as a chew toy, cracking the corner of the screen in the process. In sum: iPhones are pretty durable. It was 4 years old. Yes, I am making excuses but I LOVE APPLE.

ANYWAY. I am loving my new iPhone. For the first time in 3 months I am able to answer the phone like a normal person. This new iPhone is thinner, yet thicker than my last one and I am hoping that bodes well for the longevity of the screen. PLUS, I am totally psyched that it takes not just photos, but VIDEO!

Many thanks to Darla for the vlog inspiration!

0 thoughts on “My first vlog – the house tour!

  1. Fantastic house! My kids and I loved listening to you and seeing all the pets. They could not get over the bird on your shoulder. πŸ˜€

    Oh, I want that iPhone. I would love to take a tour of my house and yard like you did.

  2. Hi Christy! Glad you got your phone replaced with a new iphone. I got one in August and I love it too! Great home! I love colonial homes and yours is beautiful and charming. I didn’t finish the vlog – was interrupted and have to head out now – but hope to finish it later. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks so much for your lovely comment — it’s so awesome to get them when I’m actually on the computer to respond! It’s funny, I never thought of vlogging before, but the iphone makes it so easy!! (scary thought there could be MORE of these..) hahahahha

      Have a great weekend, friend!

  3. WOW. You are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!! Did you ever model? serious question.

    I love the house more than ever. Thank you for the tour. The kitchen is so old school cool. Loving all the hearths. And Can I call you “Dr. Doolittle” from now on? You got mad animals going on, LOL! Not sure I’d be down with the rats though…..youre a better momma than I!
    p.s. At first i couldn’t figure out your accent – but then I remembered you were a Philly girl!

    1. Could you be a better liar?! I THINK NOT! But thank you immensely for your kindness. I was a model briefly in the 90s but hated it. I like food.

      The house says COME ON OVER! Seriously, if we ever move I know who to call. Maine has lovely winter sports, you know the girls would LOVE snow tubing, and the summers are heaven. What more could you want? PS: No creepy neighbors wearing satin hot pants, either!


  4. p.s. I could never take a tour of my home on a vlog. It would be interrupted by me stepping on a barbie, howling in pain and withering on the ground cursing. Then the kids would think it was a game I was playing and stomp on me repeatedly until I passed out……. You get the picture,

  5. You are SO lovely! Your home is amazing and I love that you have so many pets. I’ve always allowed my children to have animals as well. Thanks for the look inside your home and your life. Brilliant!

  6. Isn’t it the best? I saw the broken previous phone, bless your heart for using it until the new one came. I was not into iPhone before, it was more a price issue but wife convince me to get one and we we’re unseparable since then( my iPhone). Best features are the skype app, face time and the cam. Plus app. I wish to share with you the Versatile blogger award today. I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving. Sweet blessings to you and your family.

    1. IT, you are ruler of all apps! Do you know how many I have?? ZERO. I had pandora at one point but I can’t use headphones any more b/c of my wacky ear. So that app went out the window. I know I should check them out, but part of me is afraid. I barely have enough time for the computer, let alone more stuff. (more excuses)

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for the award!! You are so, so kind. I will make it my next post (and no video, I promise.)

  7. OMFG!

    I really think I have never, ever said “OMFG” in my life, but it applies here so much I’m about to pee my pants. YOU HAVE AN ACCENT. A really wild one, too! It’s Boston meets New Zealand.

    Anyway, you’re sooooo charming and beautiful, and so is your house. (I love that you got a micing cat!) It would take me approximately 20 seconds to do this same tour with my apartment. And about 2 second to do Kamran’s studio!

    1. UUUUGH. My accent is SO BAD. Cannot tell you how many times a week people stop and ask me WHERE ARE YOU FROM??!!! I grew up in Philly w/ parents from 2 other parts of the country. I have the weirdest amalgam of accents. People ask me all the time if I am BRITISH. I do not sound British. I sound like I just crawled out of the street.

      Anyhoo – thank you! Thank you ! for saying I am charming & beautiful. I feel the very same about you. PS: Bella loves you too.

  8. i got through 10 minutes of your video before being overcome with motion sickness. πŸ™ i am so sensitive to camera motion (i had to leave the blair witch project movie) but did enjoy what i saw! your accent slays me. i have no idea how you manage the menagerie–too many animals for me. love the house, the trimwork, and FIREPLACES. sign me up. happy you have a new phone–enjoy it and buy a good case for it. i have to crawl into bed for a few minutes to stave off this nausea. argh.

    1. Nat, I am SO SORRY I made you sick. I should have posted a warning b/c this video had the very same effect on me. I watched it and felt nauseous. Whether it was the shaky camera, having to listen/see myself on video, or some combination of both. I felt dizzy and ill afterwards too. Hope you are recovered now. SORRY BABE!

  9. You have a wonderful home (it was very cool to see the official Dishy World Headquarters)! And it’s a ton of fun to put places, faces and voices together with everything you blog about! Total awesomeness!!!

  10. Your husband is lovely to you! I actually do speaker phone all the time, not that I have a broken phone, but I just like to hear the person properly. I usually stop walking, find a corner of a building, close my eyes to concentrate, & cover my mouth when I’m on the mobile. True!

  11. Sorry I’m late to the party. I caught your post as soon as it hit the web, but my connection at the time was way too slow to watch your clip. I couldn’t comment without watching your clip. Yeah, a whole lot of motion going on, but I survived. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the tour. You’ve got an amazing house and petting zoo there. I too was scratching my head about the accent, but having read all of your comments, I’m up to date on that now. I was totally guessing ‘moved to the US at an early age’. πŸ˜› Like SIG said about “places, faces and voices”, too true. This was also the first time I’ve seen a vertical framed video (to the best of my recollection). I can see where that would come in handy, but (if you ask me) I think going with a horizontal frame would have been better for the tour, but hey, that’s me. I’m looking forward to your next vlog. Thanks again. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Spidey – thanks! I hadn’t realized the video would be vertical (can you cay newbie?) I agree; the tour would have been much better wide-angle. It would have been much better if I had shut up through much of it, too. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for watching!

  12. That was so much fun!!! Thanks for giving a tour of your home, and “Dishy World HQ”. πŸ™‚

    The pictures of your renos gave me a good idea of the layout, but it was better to see you walk from room to room and outside. Love all your pets, too. And that accent…we’ve all got one. I don’t think that I have an accent until someone says that I do.

    I don’t have an iPhone, but now I’m inspired to do a vlog. Hmmm, we’ll see….

    1. Tammy, I would love to hear your accent. I could hear a bit of it on your baseball post, but the camera was pretty far away (and my hearing is bad) — can’t wait for your first vlog!!


    Super amazing and your house is sooooo much a home. I can feel the love through the video! Kiwi is so adorable. I’m gonna have to tell her that her ‘momma’ talks smack about her. From everything, I thought Kiwi was pretty gangsta but she looks so sweet. πŸ™‚

    I super love your house!!

    1. Don’t know how I missed this comment – sorry Hayden!

      The cupcake pinata was VERY well received. B/c it was dark we had to beat it open inside. Good thing the kitchen’s roomy – LOL!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments about the house & Kiwi. Both labors of love (!) and can’t imagine life w/out them.

      Love ya babe! XO

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