The Versatile Blogger Award

I feel a little like a Swiss army knife.  Not because I can pull a third arm out of my side, nor lift my right leg over my head and lock it into place behind my ear.    BUT! because my dear blogging bud IT (Island Traveler) has awarded me my very own VERSATILITY AWARD!  Huzzah!!

The rules of ‘The Versy’ require I reveal 7 unknown facts about myself.

1) I love Matryoshka dolls. I only have a few of them, but I recently bought myself a little present. (and since this present was on ‘clearance’ for $2.99 I didn’t hesitate.)

Matryosh Keys!  They’re soft plastic caps for the tops of my car keys. Blue for the hubs car and red for mine. We didn’t NEED them, but each time I see them they make me smile. (And isn’t that worth at least $2.99?)

2) I like the chew of brown rice, but the look of it reminds me of bed bugs.

brown rice
bed bugs

3) I had a savings account at Beneficial Savings Bank as a child.  I have no idea how much money I kept in the account (likely very little) but I lost my passbook and never went back to claim my money.  I harbor secret hopes that a check will one day arrive in the mail with my accrued savings.  And then I will be RICH.

4) I collect my chickens’ feathers and keep them in vases/jars around the house.

5) I get so much spam on my recipe site (the other Daily Dish) it makes me want to spit flames and burn hair off the heads of every spammer on the face of the planet.  Even when I’m avoiding the computer, I still must weed through these awful messages on my iPhone.  In a single day I can get as many as several hundred.  I know every person must earn a living but spammers SUCK.

6) I’ve been listening to the radio a lot lately because of my younger daughter.  She insists on ‘The Q.’  I don’t know if you like Top 40 radio or not, but me neither.  I mean, some of the stuff’s okay, I like that one song where the guy talks about shooting people with fancy sneakers, but other than that.. Pffft, no thanks.  There’s something SICK about hearing your 7 (almost-8) year old sing about having a menage a trois last friday night.  Even when I know she didn’t go out and was in bed by 9 pm, just the thought causes me to shudder.  What happened to hanging w/ Elmo, Katy Perry?

7) I love my dog to bits, but living w/ a Rottweiler puppy is akin to having a hungry, super smart & emotionally needy goat glued to your side.  She just won’t let me out of her sight.  Except when she want to SNEAK AWAY.  The dog figured out if she butted the back door a certain way it’d make the latch fly off and she could help herself to the great outdoors.  So periodically I’ll look around and say, “Where’s Roxy?” only to find she’s been gone for Lord knows how long, roaming the neighborhood.  Which wouldn’t be so bad, except she’s not fixed.  So I spent roughly 1 mos of this past summer out in the yard, yelling ROOOOXXXYYYYY!! COOOME!!  While hoping Roxy was not doing that at all.

SO. There’s my 7 fascinating facts.  The rules of ‘The Versy’ next state that I must pass the award onto 5 other bloggers.  If you are not named below you may be mad and relieved.  I am sorry and you are welcome.  And the winners are..

The Tesserae.   Tammy blogs about everything imaginable, from homeschooling her tween son to music, food, family and (my favorite) her art.

The Simple Life of a Country Wife.  Feel like life’s a bunch of crap?  Lovely photographs and beautiful prose await you at the farm.

Unapologetically Mundane.  Irreverently funny and unabashedly direct, Katie glorifies AND makes fun of life in NYC.  I love her blog and so do my kids!

Critics in My Kitchen.  Looking for a laugh?  A new idea for dinner?  Some cute doodles?  This Philly blogger’s all that and a bag of chips.

Refrigerator Magnate.  Spilled Ink Guy (aka, Inky) is a frequent commenter on both my blogs.  But in addition he’s also AN AMAZING ARTIST.  All caps.

SO. there you have it.  The Versy!   Thanks so much again, IT!

0 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations, Dishy! All the time and energy you put into your blogs really shows, and it puts a smile on my face to see you get recognized for your efforts! As does your continued kindness – thank you so very, very much! Although, I try to shy away from these things (because I start to feel all bad about everyone I couldn’t nominate… and then I feel even worse about having to say so… seriously, I need help). BUT congrats again, Dishy – and thank you very, very much! You are always so kind!

    1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nice, schmice, let’s get to the selection! Hahhaha — kidding Inks. You deserve huge accolades for your artwork; versatility is just one of your many talents.

  2. Congrats on the award. I’m so happy for me. 😛 Because as a result of your winning, I was able to enjoy your revealing of 7 unknown facts about you, and you did a darn fine job, too. Very fun and enjoyable. Nice work, lady. 😉

  3. HAR on Katy Perry. I actually keep up with Top 40 music on purpose because I know that as soon as I stop, I’ll become OLD. (As in, “everything was so much better in my day…”) Actually, now that I think about it, it doesn’t have to be Top 40; it just has to be NEW.

    Also, I LOVE what you are doing with the feathers. Love!

    1. I am addicted to these feathers! I collect them, but truly prefer just looking at them (still in place). The Australorp chickens (the black ones) have feathers that shine green and purple in the light. Cannot tell you how beautiful they are. The RI reds are so pretty too. Love them!

      I’m w/ you about new music. I get sick of hearing the same songs over & over – likely one reason the Top 40 station gets old for me fast.


  4. Congratulations on the award! Well deserved, for sure, ayuh!

    The Q–Oh God, do I feel your pain there. It is on ALL the time when my kids are in the car (even when my husband’s in the car!) and Katy Perry is my daughter’s favorite, naturally. The good thing is she gets all of the lyrics wrong and it comes out much sweeter. Lady Gaga’s Poker Face is “give me my, give me my…a little more open space!”

    1. Thanks so much, Darla! ARgh, the Q! I’ll admit it has its moments, but I cannot take the lyrics, particularly w/ my daughters. My husband simply refuses to turn it on in the car. In the rare event he does, if anything objectionable comes on – it’s GONE!

      So glad you’re daughter’s so creative 😉

  5. Almost totally unrelated, but if you like “Pumped Up Kicks”, watch this. Kamran sent it to me yesterday, and I DIED from the awesomeness.

    But then came back from the dead when I heard I’d won an award! Knowing me, I’ll get around to revealing my seven facts the day AFTER I post about my last trip to California and my last trip to the Hamptons, but that should at least be within the year. So thank you! And don’t let my laziness serve as an indication of my appreciation.

  6. Congrats on your award! You definitely deserve it. I love reading both your Daily Dishes.

    But I can’t believe you awared my blog along with the other four. I think those Pringles did something to your brain. LOL Test market…hahaha!

    No, really what an honor! Now I have expectations to live up to…7 unknown facts…pass the award to 5 bloggers… Oh my! I’ll get right to this…’er next month. 😉

  7. Congratulations my friend. This is one of the best post I read about any awards, including the Versatile Blogger Award. Now both of us know why the award flew your way. Love the amazing facts about you. The first fact was just adorable. Gave me a clue what to tip Santa for your Christmas. As for the top 40, I don’t listen to them anymore but I have Pandora on my iPhone which so cool. You can make your own list. Your daughter might like the “teenage dream list.” I made it up and it gave me a lot of upbeat songs, reminds me of my once colorful youth. Ouch! As for spammers, they should be eradicated. Why on earth they spend time causing more problems in the world. They should do something that will help others and make a difference. People will consider then as cool and not as a menace is they do. I will check your nominees, looks like a well diversified group of talented people. Thank you for being you- wonderful and amazing! Have a blessed day my friend. Love the post.

  8. My friend just got back from Russia. He better have gotten me a set of those dolls. Last year, at my request, he brought back a baggie of sand from the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Can you imagine what a time he had through customs ?!

  9. Hope you had a great weekend. Thank for the last comment. Beautiful words as always. Congratulations once again. It was nice reading the comments your friends shared with you. Its truly a post to celebrate. Have a blessed day my friend. Best wishes to your family.

  10. Congrats! You are too funny. About the spam thingy, I haven’t had much of that but I did have to disable anonymous comments. One perverse comment kinda freaked me out. Oh, and I may never think of rice the same way again, lol! Have a great day!

    1. My husband recently installed one of those annoying captcha devices, I hate them but MAN has it improved things for me. Instead of 100s of emails a day I get less than 50. Still, I’d like to know how those blasted spammers manage to evade its captcha net. Do you really think there are people typing these things in?! Probably.. Sorry about the rice, my friend!

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