For the love of Valentine’s Day (how an obscure blogger made Google’s #1 spot)

Did you know that in addition to being a low-sodium foodie, I also play CUPID to people from around the globe?  It’s true!  Sort of like Santa but with a far smaller suit, I spread my love of LOVE worldwide, thanks to the wonders of technology.

Shortly after launching my low-sodium website, The Daily Dish, I created an adjunct personal blog also known as… The Daily Dish.  Hint: it’s what you’re reading right now.  My blog allows me to share more of myself and write (rant) about whatever I want, without turning off or alienating my recipe readers, many of whom would prefer not to read about (for instance) my 18-year old towels.

Beginning in 2008, I wrote a series of posts highlighting Valentine’s Day and my adoration of its specialness.  I did silly things, like send other people’s loved ones “Secret Admirer” cards on their behalf.  I talked about making things for my own loved ones.  And I wrote this post, Great ideas for Valentine’s Day. Creative. Thoughtful. AND CHEAP!!

Never in a million years did I imagine that post would become popular.  I penned it in an hour, simply hoping to help out the next guy or girl.  But over the course of the past 4 years, it’s become the blog equivalent of a snowball rolling down the hill.

Just after Christmas, the hits begin.  Only a few at first, but growing in number with the days.  By January the daily count is in the hundreds and by February 1st – WATCH OUT!  Last week, when daily hits on the post were hovering around 5000, I decided to do a little research.

I started looking at the search terms people were using to find the post on my blog.  The phrases were very similar, just slight variations of one another.  I plugged one of them into Google just to see what came up and I couldn’t believe it.

Just beneath the “Top-3” advertised links, in the #1 spot on Google was MY POST.  I couldn’t freaking believe it.  How was this possible??  I tried variations on the same search theme.  “Valentine’s day ideas for my guy / for my man / for my boyfriend,” etc.  Over and over again, my post came up, if not in the #1 spot, just below it on the first page!

As someone who’s been blogging for 5 years, who’s never been Freshly Pressed or otherwise honored for her writing, this means the world.  Like Rupert from Survivor, I’ve won – just for being me!

0 thoughts on “For the love of Valentine’s Day (how an obscure blogger made Google’s #1 spot)

  1. That is AWESOME. And I absolutely adore your Valentine’s Day posts! They are creative, fun, and happiness…Google totally nailed it!!

  2. You know, I had this happen with one of my donuts4dinner posts, and someone told me that Google shows your posts, your friends’ posts, and posts from blogs you’ve looked at before first. Not that your post isn’t waaaaay up there, anyway, I’m sure. And hey, if you’re getting 10k hits a day, monetize this sucker with ads, baby!

    1. Yeah, seriously – too bad this blog’s still on WP or I’d have it papered w/ ads!

      When Google updated its privacy policy, I knew it was custom-tailoring searches by person, but even logged out of Google, it comes up in the same place.

      Happy V Day to you & Kamran!

  3. That’s pretty impressive! It’s too bad that you couldn’t add some ads. With that amount of traffic, you should be able to make a nice little bit.

  4. Yes my friend…you won…not just for being viewed by tons of people but you won our hearts with each beautiful post, each story filled with joy and love, with each dish that stirs our senses. Your cupid in so many ways…you inspired us to strive and follow our passion. thank you … are a blessing to those who come across you blog. wishing you all the blessings in life.

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