Ever wonder what you’d look like as a bird?

Maybe not, but I have. Living with a wonder-conure named Kiwi, as well as 4 lively chickens, I think about birds a lot of the time. This past weekend my family and I were tooling about Portland (MAINE) when we came upon the funniest portrait ever.

I think it’s safe to say THIS is what I’d look like as a bird, in a green checkered dress (with bow, of course).

We were in the Merchant Company when my daughter pointed it out. I started cracking up and she showed me a whole collection of these altered animal portraits, printed on glossy paper in 4 x 6 or 5 x 7s.

I must have been laughing pretty loud, because the salesclerk came over and told me she loves them too. Whenever she has family visiting, she shows them the portraits and they think she’s “creepy” for liking them. Well.. color me creepy because I think they’re hysterical. I asked whether the artist was local (she didn’t know) so when I got home I did a little research – after framing my friends!

Meet Rachelle the Cockatoo (with Gary Tiel, Principal, and Ostrich Sally):

They’re the work of Angela Rossi, an artist from Los Angeles who specializes in “unloved, thrown out and abandoned creations.” WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?? She sells via Etsy, and also has a list of physical stores that sell her work worldwide, from Portland (MAINE) all the way to Japan. My birdie triptych makes me so happy, but for those more fur-loving how about:

Want to see Ben Franklin as Yoda?  A zombie wedding portrait?  Mr. Tyrannosaurus in a suit??  Check out Angela’s store, Beat Up Creations, for these & much more!!

0 thoughts on “Ever wonder what you’d look like as a bird?

  1. a) I am buying all of them. Every one. LOVE them.

    b) I just started reading your blog recently because Katie Ett said I had to. We were discussing how we don’t like any blogs any more except each others’ (and a couple more, I guess) and she recommended you. What she didn’t mention is that you live in Portland MAINE. Well, I’m from PORTLAND (no state needed) so maybe we’re nemeses? Right? Blondes from competing Portlands?

    1. a) YAY!!!!

      b) BOOOO!!! I mean – WELCOME! Had to lauuuugh at your (no state needed) addendum. What is it about Portland that always leads people to assume WEST coast?? Size? Stature? Lack of pinching crustaceans?!! Anyway, glad to meet you E – a friend of Katie’s is a friend of mine, city competition aside. 🙂

    1. That show is so funny! We recently rented it on DVD and my older daughter couldn’t get enough (though my husband & I were “vetting” parts of it). That bird sketch is hysterical “I’m allergic! I’m allergic!”) ahahhahahahhh

  2. “Cats and dogs, living together…” Bill Murry in Ghostbusters!

    That is just too creepy for me. With my nose, I’d be some sort of hound. Your bird likeness is rather good but you are the prettier of the two.

    1. Yes, the sphinx cats are fur-challenged. My sister had one and as much as we liked Isa, I could never quite get past the lack of hair. Although my husband is bald and I LOVE him. Must be a selective thing.

  3. What a sweet, refreshing, enjoyable post. The first photos does resembles like you in grace, cheerfulness, the hope in your smile and the kind heart seen in the depths of your eyes. Beautiful portrait…
    Me, I think I’m more of the blue macaw on my sad days, red one when my heart is passionate and green, when truly happy …Take care. Best wishes to you and your family.

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