My mugs.

Yeah yeah, I know I’m overdue for my weekly post.  SO be it.  It’s not like I’m sitting around on my duff (though I certainly am at this moment and BOY does it feel good).  Listen, it’s hard finding time to write here when I spend most of the day in the kitchen and the rest wrestling crap out of the dog’s mouth.

So before Wipeout is over (I still have 17 mins) instead of some inspired something, or a blog post about the house, I am here to treat you with this:

It is a little tilted I think – or it could just be me, I do have Meniere’s disease.  Regardless, that’s my Chris mug.  Although my blogging buddies know me as Dishy, in real life people call me Christy, and those who know me best call me Chris.  You may not call me Chris if we aren’t super close b/c Chris means Special and has to be preserved for the verry specialiest people in my life.  Like my husband, who each morning pours my allotted 1/2 c. coffee into my Chris mug, hands it to me and says, “Chris…. Special.”  Which sounds really sweet, and it is – except the voice he uses has a ring to it that suggests ‘special’ is more akin to ‘special ed.’  Which never, ever fails to crack me up.

My Chris mug is sort of like a psychic reading.  It tells me everything I want to hear and then some.  It softens the blow of waking up each morning by reminding me of my stellar qualities: my unique talents, my golden touch, my flair.  Even when I haven’t bathed in 3 days and am wearing the same unwashed filthy fleece I wore the day before, when I have bad breath, untame hair and bleary eyes, my Chris mug knows I am ALL THAT & A BAG OF CHIPS.

I don’t know the exact age of my Chris mug, but age in these matters is irrelevant.  We all know love is blind, and timeless, and .. but the mug must date from the late 80s/early 90s.  My folks kept it at their house until recently, hence this blog post not having been written years ago.  Before the Chris mug came to stay, I’d been using a MOM mug, but MOM got chipped and is now holding pens.  So Chris is in heavy rotation, alternating with his buddy, Pantry Peepers (Peepers, for short):

Peepers is the newest mug on the shelf, having joined us at Christmas.  He was a present from my husband.  I’d seen him at Borders and said out loud, “OH MY GOOODNESSSSSS!!! THIS IS THE CUTEST MUG I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!”  Then I stood there fondling him for a really long time.  When I went to look at calendars (which I didn’t actually buy until February b/c that’s when they got marked down to $1) my husband snuck Peepers off the shelf and used his own Borders gift card (a Christmas gift) to buy Peepers FOR ME.  He then presented me w/ Peepers out in the parking lot.  And even if that sounds dirty – which it does – it’s just one more reason I love him as much now as ever. Which after 2 kids, this house and 14 yrs together is pretty peeping fabulous.  The end.

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  1. That’s a very nice story, Dishy! Your husband sounds like a cool dude!
    And I can kinda’ relate… my mornings go nowhere fast if I don’t have a few chugs out-o my coke glass. Or can. Or two liter bottle (because I’m super classy like that).

    1. Inky, I too used to swill at the Coke bottle of freedom. But that was grad school. when caffeine was necessary and a whacky ear plague non-existent. Not sure you can get them in the midwest, but soft pretzels + coke = breakfast of champions. 😀

  2. Although Chris cup is ‘special’ I like the spunkiness of the new cup. It captures the playful side of your personality. Perhaps it is the cup to use after the java has kicked in!

  3. I guess after 14 years, and a mug, your husband’s a keeper. But how do you know that Chris mug wasn’t really meant for a Christopher?

    1. Binky, I am betting that is the exact point of the mug. Chris as a unisex name can be sold to both males & females, thus doubling profits. (capitalists and their coffee mugs… sheesh)

  4. I’m loving that your hubby announces your name and the word SPECIAL as he hands you your coffee. I am also LOLing at what i imagine his pronunciation!! Hilarious!

    p.s. I’m a Christine, a select few have called me Chrissie, but I’ve never been a Chris. I guess I’m not “special” enough! LOL

    1. I wish I could add audio to this post; the way he says it is absolutely hysterical. He even said it this morning when he handed me Peepers, just b/c. LOL!!

      People have also called me Chrissie — my husband’s grandmom and aunt call me Chrissie exclusively. I have also been a Christine, a Christina, and a Christian – though my given name is CHRISTIN. That spelling is truly the gift that keeps giving. No one reads it properly — unless Christin is spelled Kristen, forget it. Maybe that’s why my folks started calling me Christy way back when??!! Don’t get me started.

      PS: Bon Voyage, baby!!! hope you have a BLAST (I know you will) XO

  5. Lovely post. When Lady and I got married, we were given ‘sets’ of cups, saucers, plates etc, as mugs were a rare breed (my father used one for his shaving brush). Then when children came along, they were given Easter eggs in small mugs. Then lady and I started finding interesting mugs to give each other as little prezzies (we didn’t have a lot of money).

    Some 40 odd years on, we now have a vast and varied collection of (you’ve guessed it) cups saucers, plates and small and large mugs! Someone is going to have a real job dealing with all this crockery and china when we are gone!

    By the way does anyone want an un-opened complete set of ‘Old English Rose tea set?…an unused wedding present!

    1. I read your comment this morning to my daughter and she is now BEGGING YOU TO SEND THE TEA SET!!!!!!!!!!

      My oldest drinks tea every morning and night and is enamored with all things British, Irish and in between. If you are serious, she would be elated beyond measure!

      Love your story, btw.

  6. Seriously, “pantry peepers” is a really messed up name. Not only because it sounds wildly dirty but because of this one scene in the movie The Strangers where the girl’s hiding in the pantry and . . . DO NOT SEE THE MOVIE. That pantry scene has ruined my life.

    I can just hear a husband saying, “Chris . . . Special,” and I am loving it.

  7. Cool story about your favorite mugs. It’s funny how the mugs we cherish mean something. I have a mug that is my favorite. Someone made it at a ceramic studio I was working in and he/she never claimed it, so I took it home. It is reminds me of my ceramics professor. If my husband uses my mug, I get very territorial…I can’t explain it.

  8. That a pretty cool ” Chris” mug. You are truly a gem among the people you touch . Your creations and writing makes a difference in a lot of people and that makes you really special to them. great post.

  9. Love the Chris…Special mug. The Dude got me a “special gift” which he talked about for weeks and weeks and then more weeks. Wrapped in a bag inside a box inside a bigger box with a bow was the tackiest mug you’ve ever seen. So I drink out of my SassyPants cup everymorning, knowing it was meant as a joke but taking my sassypants-ness pretty seriously 🙂

    1. Tori, you definitely sound like a ‘Sassypants’ to me – which means I will most definitely be checking out YOUR blog too. Hope you’ve got a photo up of yer mug! 😀

  10. My daughter’s name is Kristy. Nice Chris Mug. I once had a special mug for years at work. It said Old Fart then one day I accidentally knocked it off the shelf onto the concrete warehouse floor & it was no more…

    1. Great name – Kristy. Maybe you could find a Kris mug for her. I hear ‘Kris’ also means ‘Special’

      So sorry to hear about your mug though, Tony. Bet you screamed “OOH FART!” when it shattered, huh? 🙁

  11. Love. I collect mugs. I have a couple that say “Ashley” but none that say the meaning of Ashley. The perennial winner among people who see me drink coffee is my Dollywood mug that says Ashley. Everyone can’t get enough of my Dollywood mug, at least in the Midwest! Whenever I go to a new place, I try to pick up a mug.

    1. I too like collecting mugs, but I seem to be quite the butterfingers and am constantly chipping or breaking the handles off. Guess it’s good to keep replacing them..

      Your Dollywood Ashley mug must be quite the belle of the ball. My friend Nat told me all about Dollywood – she declared it a HOOT – John & I drove past on a camping trip but we just got the hell outta dodge. LOL!

  12. I think those mugs are AWESOME!!!! The color though is a little off, I think maybe a light, pale, green would be much more subtle, but hey, maybe that’s just me. I think that the one with the food on it totally matches you’re personality. I have read you’re Sodium Free website and think it is great. Keep up the good posts!!!

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