Anyone who knows me, knows that I am crazy – and I am crazy about several things in particular. Food, WINE, my family, and of course, all things British. This last category of insanity includes a steadfast devotion to an – at least here in the US – obscure BBC soap opera called EastEnders. I have been watching this show since 1992, a solid 16 years of devotion. Way longer than some marriages. In late 2002, our local PBS station WHYY canceled the show due to poor revenue. I was furious, especially since I had subscribed to said station (and have not done so since). But I would NOT be thwarted.

I already headed an EastEnders fan group here in Philly (YES I AM THAT CRAZY), and we collectively decided we’d find a way to continue watching. We would start a tape train. But in order to do so, we needed help. We had to find someone willing to tape for us. And this was not an easy task, since it entailed finding someone committed enough to tape the show weekly, on a weekend night, at a late hour. But we were determined.

So I started putting the word out online, posting to a whole host of EastEnders fan sites, imploring someone to help us. And lo & behold, praise GOD ALMIGHTY, someone did. So began a 5-plus year relationship with not one – but two, of the kindest people I’ve ever known. These two individuals took on reponsibility for taping EastEnders for us every week (save those weeks when WLIW was hosting one of its semi-annual beg-a-thons). The first woman lived in New York City, and taped for us for several years, until her cable provider no longer carried the Long Island PBS affiliate. Then we went to work, and once again, found another wonderful human being – this time on Long Island – to tape the shows for us.

WELL as life would have it, our wonderful friend has had the wonderful fortune of finding a soul mate, marrying, and moving abroad. I have received our very last tape, and now, the tape train is no more. UNLESS……. we can find another special person to help us. AND Since I have this public forum at my disposal, I am asking for your help.

If you – or someone you know – lives in the New York metropolitan area and receives WLIW, and would be willing to take on responsibility for our tape train, please let me know. Our tape train (well, really ME specifically) provides seasonal home-baked goodies and other incentives. I am not above bribes. We also provide the tapes, postage, pre-addressed priority mail boxes for shipping, the whole nine yards. What we need is someone able to commit to taping weekly for our group. The last two women simply programmed their VCRs to do it automatically (yes, I do not know how to program my VCR either, but you could learn!) And we are not picky – if you miss a week here or there we don’t care. It’s the over-all continuity we are seeking.

AND other PBS stations across the country air EastEnders as well. So we are not wedded to WLIW exclusively by any means. If there is someone, anyone, in another area willing to tape for us, we would be thrilled by that prospect too. What we are seeking is simply a way to keep watching our favorite show. So please, I am imploring each of you reading this, if you like my writing and think of me as a friend, or if you use & enjoy my totally FREE recipe site, or even just like looking at my photos, if you feel any connection to me whatsoever, please consider doing this. I do not ask for favors often, but I am asking now. Sincerely. If you can offer assistance or a suggestion, please let me know. christy at thedailydish dot us. THANK YOU.