Anyone who knows me, knows that I am crazy – and I am crazy about several things in particular. Food, WINE, my family, and of course, all things British. This last category of insanity includes a steadfast devotion to an – at least here in the US – obscure BBC soap opera called EastEnders. I have been watching this show since 1992, a solid 16 years of devotion. Way longer than some marriages. In late 2002, our local PBS station WHYY canceled the show due to poor revenue. I was furious, especially since I had subscribed to said station (and have not done so since). But I would NOT be thwarted.

I already headed an EastEnders fan group here in Philly (YES I AM THAT CRAZY), and we collectively decided we’d find a way to continue watching. We would start a tape train. But in order to do so, we needed help. We had to find someone willing to tape for us. And this was not an easy task, since it entailed finding someone committed enough to tape the show weekly, on a weekend night, at a late hour. But we were determined.

So I started putting the word out online, posting to a whole host of EastEnders fan sites, imploring someone to help us. And lo & behold, praise GOD ALMIGHTY, someone did. So began a 5-plus year relationship with not one – but two, of the kindest people I’ve ever known. These two individuals took on reponsibility for taping EastEnders for us every week (save those weeks when WLIW was hosting one of its semi-annual beg-a-thons). The first woman lived in New York City, and taped for us for several years, until her cable provider no longer carried the Long Island PBS affiliate. Then we went to work, and once again, found another wonderful human being – this time on Long Island – to tape the shows for us.

WELL as life would have it, our wonderful friend has had the wonderful fortune of finding a soul mate, marrying, and moving abroad. I have received our very last tape, and now, the tape train is no more. UNLESS……. we can find another special person to help us. AND Since I have this public forum at my disposal, I am asking for your help.

If you – or someone you know – lives in the New York metropolitan area and receives WLIW, and would be willing to take on responsibility for our tape train, please let me know. Our tape train (well, really ME specifically) provides seasonal home-baked goodies and other incentives. I am not above bribes. We also provide the tapes, postage, pre-addressed priority mail boxes for shipping, the whole nine yards. What we need is someone able to commit to taping weekly for our group. The last two women simply programmed their VCRs to do it automatically (yes, I do not know how to program my VCR either, but you could learn!) And we are not picky – if you miss a week here or there we don’t care. It’s the over-all continuity we are seeking.

AND other PBS stations across the country air EastEnders as well. So we are not wedded to WLIW exclusively by any means. If there is someone, anyone, in another area willing to tape for us, we would be thrilled by that prospect too. What we are seeking is simply a way to keep watching our favorite show. So please, I am imploring each of you reading this, if you like my writing and think of me as a friend, or if you use & enjoy my totally FREE recipe site, or even just like looking at my photos, if you feel any connection to me whatsoever, please consider doing this. I do not ask for favors often, but I am asking now. Sincerely. If you can offer assistance or a suggestion, please let me know. christy at thedailydish dot us. THANK YOU.

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  1. hehe I think she is crazy too! I used to watch the programme all the time and its just awful! hehe.
    Well, I suppose I should offer to help… surely I am too far ahead of anything you are watching though at the moment. (I’m guessing that it works in the same way that I am always one or two series’ behind you for my favourite shows… ANTM (i’m sad!) and Ghost Whisperer?)
    Couldn’t I just send you some memorabilia instead… Perhaps a Dot doll or a pair of Pat ear-rings?
    Seriously… if I can help I will…

  2. Yes, I am crazy. IN LOVE – WITH MY BELOVED EASTENDERS!!!!

    Oh the good times we’ve had over the years. All the amazing plot lines. The characters. Sigh…
    I have heard the show’s taken a turn for the worse – and I did look over the current list of actors and can’t believe who’s gone. Where is Pauline??! I thought she of anyone would never ever leave. Anyway, I know it can be awful, but it’s irresistible. Like junk food. I will pass on the enormous Pat earrings, but MAN if there really is a Dot Cotton doll I would pay you to send me one. Does it smoke??! Can you imagine?

    Yes, we are ages behind you in England. Probably 2-3 years. The latest plot line (at least in the tape I just got) revolves around Melanie and Steve – Steve is cheating with Sam. Lisa is leaving with the baby and Phil doesn’t know. Sonia and Jamie just got engaged. All very very old stuff.

  3. Oh my word! The plot lines I could spoil for you! *big grin*
    Not bad for someone who claims never to watch it! hehe
    I’m not sure there is a Dot doll but I wonder if I could customize a Barbie and insert a mini smoke generator? :o)

  4. haha When I saw that comment I knew you would be happy! FIngers crossed for you them.
    Eastenders in the news today because a couple of the old characters are going back to the show but you might not even know they ever left so I won’t tell you who! :o)

  5. Oh Daff, I am walking on air. They’ve agreed to do it and I am ELATED. Thought I’d seen the last of the dear Queen Vic. But it’s knees-up for me again. Woohoo!


  6. Just wanted to update EE fans that WLIW will be showing EE on early Saturday morning – 12 AM and 12:30 AM to be exact. I guess no more Saturday night EEs.

  7. Thanks Marie. I’d heard this from my *AMAZING NEW* NY tapers. It won’t affect our tape train, but stinks for those who’d been watching religiously Sat nights. BUT At least they didn’t pull the plug on it altogether like they did here in Philly. Rat bastards. Did I say that? Oh well – Guess you’ll have to move those EE parties to Late Night Fridays.

  8. You’re very welcome. My mom was a devoted follower of EE on public television for years. She turned me on to it and now when I watch it, I imagine she is with me, snug on the sofa, having a good laugh or a tear over our favorite residents of the square. I watch it, thanks to the rat bastards, lol, at BBC America through Dish Network. Pay per view. 9.95 a month! I used to watch it for free (well, not technically, but it wasn’t extra either) through BBC America. They dumped it, and I then illegally downloaded it through various EE vendors (me and about 100 other people) until I found MY satellite company had signed a contract to carry it. YAY! I was legal once more and didn’t have to worry about the feds breaking down my door, or whoever cares about such things. I believe we are about five years ahead of WLIW, and six weeks behind the current showings on the REAL BBC.

    Hey – I saw you sailed on NCL – so did my husband and I – the Dawn out of NYC. Twice! We so didn’t want to come back when we were down in the Caribbean. That is the lifestyle for us. Maybe some day. I just was curious if folks knew about the time change, googled EE and WLIW, and I ended up here. Nice place!

  9. Thanks Marie!! So sweet of you to say. I’ve met so many wonderful people through this blog, I love it.

    How was the Dawn?? The Spirit was gorgeous. It was really too bad our trip was in cold weather. I imagine it’s a whole different experience being able to use the outdoor facilities – especially for the kids. The Spirit has the most amazing children’s pool area and all we could do was stand there LOOKING AT IT. Kind of a drag. I know exactly what you mean about getting used to that lifestyle. Even having Meniere’s and going through VERTIGO when we got back – the trip was so wonderful. Eating, drinking, gambling, going to shows every night – and all with a BUILT-IN BABYSITTER. That’s the life.

  10. Hi Christine in West Philly!
    I have been pulling my hair out for months since we updated our home computer from our 12 year old electronic relic to try to catch up with my favorite TV show online. I have been stumped. On this night I find myself back surfing the net looking for that fix that only Eastenders can give me and I stumble here.
    Now know that I am not a blogger nor really a TV watcher.. I am a comitted Anglophile, philly-phile and proud Mt. Airyean who digs also other cool folk of the same ilk. You could be one I think- more importantly I seem to read above that you may have a stash of easteanders tapes! WOW and you belong to a CSA- way cool. Spruce Hill and Clark Park cool too!
    Again not a blogger, but would love to make a connection. by the way I am a happily married balding pacifist who is married to a lovely 35 year old pescetarian. No kids yet. Please note that this is a strictly utilitarian post to maybe procure some of your eastenders archive… A bottle of wine or some good beer(Dock Street?) could be part of the trade…aquaintancsehip would be nice as well…
    Please drop me a line luv…Look forward to it..
    Cheers- call me Randall in the UK…

  11. I would love to be a part of the tape train. I have been faithfully watching EE since the 80s and have been watching reruns on our local cable station up until last week when,muchlike BBC america it was pulled without warning. My cousin is also hooked. We would love to be part of any possibility of viewing our beloved show.

  12. Does anyone know where you can watch old episodes…my local station just showed their last Eastenders today, it was Mo’s trial, I checked out the EE official website and found we were on April 2002 episodes. Can I borrow your tapes after you view them? I am in California…or do you know of a service or station that is showing EE? Thanks for the help.

  13. Randy, Wendy & Persephone! Sorry to hear that you’re all EE-less. I would be very happy to add you to the tape train. Please email me off-blog (christy at thedailydish dot us) to discuss arrangements. Talk soon!

  14. i was wondering if you have heard about graboid.com you can download all the eastenders episodes as soon as they are aired in the uk, (yuo get a certain amount of GB per month free i, if you need to download more it cost about $4.99 a month) also you have the free option of downloading Torrents (First you install U Torrent (( a Torrent client)) and then do a google search for ‘eastenders torrents’ (they tend to appear about 1hr or so after airing (aprox 7.30pm uk time) after that you can watch it on your computer or copy in onto a dvd and watch it on your tv…..easy peasy!

  15. Hi,
    Just found this page and began reading I too am enchanted with the Eastenders. I try not to miss it. It’s on at midnight here in WLIW land and sometimes I just can’t make it. I would love to comisserate with like minds out there.

  16. Cheers Mates,
    I am a loyal fan of east Enders as well.
    I just missed 4 episodes because my cable went off.
    So i am getting the jones to watch a episode.
    Wish me luck.

    PS thedailydish your not crazy,you just have good taste in soaps….and you are really cheeky cute.

  17. Thanks so much Sher! Unfortunately, my husband has banned me from using bit torrent. He says if the “authorities” show up at our door, he’s throwing me to the wolves. I do know a guy who does torrent the show to DVD though — maybe I can plead w/ him. Take care!

    Kandi, it’s been nice emailing w/ you. Hope all is well and you had very happy holidays.

    Hey John – best of luck catching up. You may want to try bit torrent – (see Sher above). PS: Many thanks for your lovely comment. But watch out for my husband!

  18. Hi! I am interested in joining the Eastenders train tape. We still get it here, but I often forget to tape it or the cable goes out, or it is pre-empted. I would also be interested in “old” episodes – I think I lost track about the time Laura found out about Ian and Janine from Steven.

  19. Which episodes were Steve & Mel in?? I can’t remember that long ago! But they are now starting to upload the old episodes on the site I use. You can certainly download all the latest Eastenders (after a few hours of the show being aired in the UK) for FREE here:
    You just have to sign up.
    Good luck!

  20. Hi Christy,
    Don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but in case you didn’t know Wendy Richards (Pauline) of eastenders died of cancer on Thursday.

  21. Does anyone know if there is a way to view old episodes? I have no idea how Mel got out of jail or if/when Lisa died or was killed. How did Phil get his daughter back? I watch on WLIW and once I miss an episode that it, no re-runs.

  22. I’ve been watching ee since 1986. Arthur fowler was still alive working at the allotment. Pete was working the fruit stand. Michelle and dennis watts were having affair oh the memories

  23. MAN I have not been keeping up w/ these comments. Sorry.

    Wendely, if you are still interested in joining, pls email me off-blog: christy at thedailydish dot us. That goes for anyone else too. Thanks!

    Many thanks Eastiesfan! As for the Mel & Steve eps – goodness they were forever ago, even for us. I hear there’s now talk of a spandau ballet reunion in the works.. Interesting..

    Hey John – terrible news. I’d heard already via the newsletter, but what a loss. Hope her husband’s holding up okay.

    Hi Rita, I found THIS LINK a long time ago – it gives summaries of every episode, all the way back. AMAZING!

    Oh Marisa, those were the days.. though I started watching after you, I clearly remember back when Arthur was still alive (before the affair), Pete working the market, etc. PS: I’m sure I’m not the first one to point this out but do you get a lot of Mississippi jokes/ with regard to your name?

  24. I think you are the sweetest, coolest, most brilliant, adorable, cheeky woman Sateside.
    I too am rather hooked on EE and have been from the get go as it is more reality than the soaps here….where no one seems to work other than to comit corporate tierny or spying. Other wise they all consistently have coffee, (cuppers mund you have always been a part of the Brit heritage and they do not last for many days…..same wih cocktails and sex and waking up the next day with all the make up perfectly in tact. No American soaps are too sudsy, they just cannot produce anything at all like an EE unless it is one of their ridiculous reality shows. Obviously you might have observed I am not a big fan of many of the American tele programmes and never watch any soaps at all here.
    So , you are positively, absobsolutely not crazy but rather sane with brilliant taste as EE is very addicting,; albeit have heard from family and mates from UK that they need to bring back some old characters and change back to the old style plots as it is getting a bit cheesy and the reality is what makes this programme so tremendous. The old and original portrayals are not being duplicated enough and it is losing some of its appeal even though it is still supposedly no.01 in UK. Oh the great , times we all had watching and getting into the depth of each character as if they were part of our lives. Thinking about them until the next episode appeared on our sreens. Boy, do I miss those days. Sharon, Wicksy and the band singing, Angie and Den arguing, and Pat no matter what always being true blue. I loved Roy, Pauline,, Anthony, Martin, Mark, just every single person from the old to the somewhat new as we are about 6 years behind.
    I tried Graboid many times, but just cannot seem to get it going, but I am not a giver uper and will attempt until the deed is done. I even wrote a long missive to the BBC requesting to pay for a television licence here and cost per episode, they said they doubt if it can be done, but did not say it was impossible. They have now directed me to another part of the BBC and will be contacting them shortly.
    I do apologise for the long “novella,” suppose I became carried away with EE buffs, I always do.
    Keep your fingers crossed, maybe the BBC will come through, I have accomplished the impossible before.
    With much respect,
    Once love, peace and cheers

  25. Do you still need someone to tape EE eps for the tape train? I live in Central NJ and get WLIW. I can tape episodes if need be.

  26. I started watching EE in the ’80. I’ve seen it pulled from WLRN in NY, had the days change with out notice and so many other changes. I live in FL where is comes on 11am on saturday when I usually out and 2am monday morning. Thank GOD for the DVR. All was well until June 13, 2009. I haven’t seen anything since then. The reason is too long to recount. So the last thing I remember is that Ricky came back on the scene and was determined to protect Jeannine’s honor. I need to catch up but don’t know which way to go, what to do.

  27. DAMN – how do I keep missing all these comments?! Sorry folks. Asleep at the wheel once again.

    DEBS. Could you be any sweeter, cooler or MORE wonderful for all those looooveely compliments??! TA! Best of luck w/ the beeb — I am keeping my fingers crossed! xo

    Hi Allie — why thank you so very much!! We have a taper right now in NY, but if anything changes, great to know you’re there. Take care!

    Hi Lynn and Lascawobaz. I’d suggest contacting the E20 Laundrette fan club/ newsletter, run by a fabulous woman named Debbie. She is in touch w/ many US EE fan clubs and may be able to put you into contact w/ people in your area. You can contact her directly at Dgishcabibble20 AT aol DOT com. Best of luck!!

  28. Why don’t you all get Dish Network and watch it that way. (It’s legal too) The best thing is if everyone watches from the same source there is more chance that Dish will keep it as an option on their pay per view.
    I too would love to watch it from the beginning again too.

  29. I have been watching EE since it started back in the 80s. IF fact, it was on 5 days a week on channel 21 in manhattan, New York. Is there a local fan club in NYC, especially in Manhattan.

  30. Always behind on these comments..

    Sheila, would love to get Dish but cant afford it.

    Sandy, there is a very active NYC fan group. Contact Debbie (e20launderette AT mac DOT com) to sign up. She puts out a fabulous weekly newsletter, also organizes meet-up brunches in Manhattan every couple months or so. You should definitely join.

  31. Hiya!, you could try


    It’s a “catch-up” site that plays the last 7 days worth of Eastenders on the web, I am in England and it works fine here!, I have no idea if it would work outside of the UK though.

    Give it a try and find out.



    1. Thanks Christine! Unfortunately the iPlayer only works if you’re in the UK. This has been a bone of contention amongst fans worldwide. Hopefully the BBC will get it together one of these days and just let us ALL WATCH. You’d think they’d be pleased having such a fan base, but.. Take care!

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