Dear Diary,

I am sorry I neglected you this weekend, dear diary, but now I’m BACK!! Did you miss me??!! I_missed_Y-O-U!!

Friday evening we were feeling a bit restless, so after supper – what to do? what to do??? Welllll, after a lively debate, we decided to go to the TRAIN STATION! to get some doughnuts and watch the world go by. I know – how fun is that??! We are a wild AND zany bunch! Anyway, dear diary, we saw many bustling travelers and a few interesting oddities, and the whole hrlyburly of Philadelphia that is Friday night at the train station! and then of course the girls starting going a bit kooky from the sugar, and started running in circles and chasing each other around, until unfortunately 🙁 M. slipped, fell and knocked her knee on the floor. Which wouldn’t have been too awful, except a man walked by and laughed at her and then J. went and had it out with him. I am glad that J. did not kick the man’s ass at the train station! Needless to say, I don’t think he’ll be laughing at the expense of any more little girls! Then we decided to go home – but J. bought each of the ladies a rose and they were very happy. Until of course we got in the car and they started using those thorny flowers as swords and poking each other and then their daddy in his bald head. Not too nice! He took the flowers, but we did put them in water when we got home.

Saturday J. took on his arch-nemeses (AKA the yew-bush stumps left over from last weekend’s chopping down of the hated yew bushes). I never really minded them myself – excpet of course you remember when G. ate one of the berries a year ago and had to be rushed to the ER b/c we thought she was going to die. That was pretty bad, but she is of course completely fine and the doctor said she’d have had to eat a whole bunch of them, and then only after they’d been run over by a car or sliced in half with a diamond blade or something really darn sharp in order to extract the poison inside. So not too bad, but a whole day wasted in the ER of course. But aesthetically they never bothered me – the yew bushes I mean – they weren’t something I really thought of – except to trim a couple times a season when the tips would get sort of overgrown, but J. always HATED them. So he decided last weekend to get rid of them, and then had to get the stumps out this weekend. So he went to work! Hacking and digging, and our friend E. even pitched in – buying an AXE just for occasion. I think the guys like that axe. I am lucky to have such handy lumberjack types around! So J. yanked those two stumps out just like a pair of rotten molars, and then on top gave me the whole afternoon off to go THRIFT SHOPPING!! (*****J-O-Y*****!!) You KNOW how I feel about that, dear diary, and I didn’t let the grass grow under ME! Found some great stuff too – a whole bag, plus treats for the girls. We were all thrilled I tell you. And that’s not ALL> we’d made arrangements with our sitter for that night, for a super duper date night out!! (hearts & stars!!) J. took me for sushi & sapporo at our very fav Japanese restaurant, where we saw the best waitresses ever!! (next of course to our very fav diner), then we headed over to the North Star for the Bird & the Bee show. WOWWWEEEE! The show was terrific, though I didn’t like the way that girl was whirling next to me like she might just lose control and slam through the crowd, and she and her boyfirend well they REALLY could have just gotten a room, but hey! you know what music does to people! It was a swell show, and they played G’s very favorite song (you know, the one about the head), though we did have to run out at the end when they played the (YIKES!) dreaded TRACK FIVE (ahhhhhhh!!) from their EP. You KNOW how I feel about that song, dear diary. YUCKY-poo. So, ANYWAY>

Sunday (today) was both soggy and superfun and sort of exasperating and cold, but fun and filling and exciting and irritating and NOW nearly over. First, we dropped the girls over at J&D’s, then ran by the WAWA to get hoagies for the game (wrapped in clear plastic, of course). Well, came out and what do you do? but the car’s PFFHT, kaput, batteries dead. Gollygeewillikers! Thankfully, dear diary, that sweet T. came and helped us out – quick as a jiff! What a great guy – must bake he & A.L. a super special thank you gift (to-do-list!) So ANYWAY, then we went to the game (yay!) but it by then it had started raining PDH (pretty darn hard – booooooo!) So we sat in the rain for the first half of the game – and those players were trying hard but just-not-hard-enough I tell you! So it was making me pretty grumpy pants watching those players and even those cheerleaders went back into their cheerleading hut b/c I could tell they were getting pretty upset too – not to mention looking like drowned rats and not too hot right then. So we went to get something hot to drink at halftime and waited in line a reeeeallly loooong tiiiime but when we got our coffee and hot cholotae – my hotocchocolate was only tepid chocolate! and i was sad 🙁 but drank half of it anyway. BUT then the second half the clouds parted – well not really as it was still spitting rain, but the players did-try-harder! and the cheerleaders came out wearing more clothes and looking dryer and more refreshed and everyone was HAPPY especially ME! b/c we_WON! (J-O-Y!!!) So, we walked back to the car – but oh no!! the battery had died again. But YAY! those good Samaritans (who were really good Americans) helped us out with that_smart_T.’s jumper cables that he insisted we bring “just in case” he is sooooo smart! So then our car was running again 🙂 so we went on the way home to that BJ’s warehouse store and bought a new battery 🙂 which J. installed as soon as we got home while I picked up the girls at J&D’s house and ooohhhed&ahhhhed over their new kitchen floor and dining room wallss – soooooo gorgeoussss!!!!! So then we went to our very fav second home -the diner- and saw our very fav second third family and ooohh&ahheed about the game and ate – whilst also simultaenously talking on the phone w/G&P-P about Christmas plans!!! and then we made our plans!!! and we are waaaaaay excited. So then we went home and finished making our plans!!!! and then the girls went to bed. But between then and now I ALSO found out that I WON!!!! a fall baking contest with not one but TWO recipes (WOOHOOO!!) so I am on cloud nine, I tell you dear diary, cloud NINE> So now I just had to write and tell you all the fabulous news, dear diary, because I missed you soooo much this weekend. Did you_miss_me?? I’ll write soon, I promise.



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  1. high on noggie goodness?? but of courssse NOOT!!! I can do about 2 sips of eggnog before the phlegm mechanism in the back of my throat turns itself on – and then i_AM_DONE>

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