We saw I Am Legend yesterday. Friday night and the theater was super busy. Tons of activity in the lobby and bar, people having a great time.

Unfortunately tons of activity in the actual theater too. The thumping bass coming from the bar next door echoed like a heartbeat throughout the film. Cell phones going off, people having full-out conversations to the left and right, not to mention the running commentary. The two guys in front of us – it was like living inside their minds. Audible comments can be great. Like when I saw Deuce Bigalow in the theater (YES I SAW DEUCE BIGALOW IN THE THEATER), and Deuce’s dad is plunging out a stopped-up toilet and turns around to accept a little birthday cake from Deuce’s girlfriend, when someone in the audience yelled out, “Hey look! There’s Sh*t on his shirt!” And the whole theater burst out laughing. But talking throughout the whole damn film, letting me know every thought in your head is ANNOYING. And I do have to say, the movie choice should be taken into consideration when deciding whether it’s appropriate to bring young children. I Am Legend is not a kid friendly film. It is terrifying.

THIS is why I don’t go to the theater unless I really really want to see something bad. And although I think Will Smith is great, I didn’t even want to see this. I HATE SCARY MOVIES. I do not watch them, I do not enjoy them. It is a painful experience for me. So, last night, I went for my husband. He just finished the book and has been itching to see it since its release. Having seen the Vincent Price remake of the short story before (Last Man on Earth), I had some idea of what to expect. I knew it would be scary. What I didn’t realize is 1) how different the story would be from the original, and 2) How frightening and disheartening it would actually be. Don’t get me wrong, I Am Legend is a GOOD MOVIE. VERY GOOD. The effects are amazing. Will Smith’s acting is extraordinary. If you like dystopian tales involving the half-dead, abject suffering and painful almost palpable loneliness and despair, then this one’s for you! But if not, don’t do it to yourself. Or save it for DVD, so you can turn it off when you’ve had enough and leave the room. I was traumatized by this movie. I kept my eyes shut or my hands over my face for half the film. The rest of the time I was just sad.

5 thoughts on “I AM LEGEND

  1. This is an excellent review I must say. It’s showing at cinemas hear at the moment but I’ve not had the urge to see it. The Kite Runner is on here at the moment and I so want to see that. I might go tomorrow with my mum in law and if I do I will put a review on my blog. Like your husband had read the book before seeing I am Legend I have read The Kite Runner. I hope it lives up to expectations. (Devil wears Prada did not, Of Mice and Men did.)
    Hope the film hasn’t put a dampener on your weekend. Oh, in our local cinema which is a very small one we have to switch of mobile phones, or at least put on silent or vibrate mode.

  2. I too was traumatized by the movie I Am Legend. Very scary, did not enjoy it one bit. I guess I should have read the book first which is usually my policy. I t was recommended by a friend who had read the book and seen the movie, the difference being, I HATE scary movies and this one was truly terrifying!!

  3. I actually LOVED the first 2/3 of the movie. Then it sort of just went in a totally different direction, kind of like AI.

    For the subject matter, it was a very emotional movie. Not just ‘kill and destroy’ with an aggressive rock sound.

    Can you just exempt yourself from these type of movies??

  4. Billy: Thanks! keep reading.

    Daffy: Had an awesome weekend!! Thanks for asking. The movie was just not my cup of tea. NOTE TO SELF: NO MORE ZOMBIE MOVIES – unless it’s Shawn of the Dead.

    Julie: I am so glad it wasn’t just me! I was starting to think I was being a wuss.

    Hayden: VERY emotional film. I wanted to cry several times. I told my husband the next time he goes alone. No more like this one for me. Unless we’re at home (and I can cheaply escape).

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