Egg hunt with the chicks

Happy Easter everyone! Sending candy-coated wishes to you all. Here at the palatial West Philly estate, we are still recovering from the FIVE HOUR LONG birthday party we sponsored yesterday, which was super fun & super successful, but left us reaching for the bottle well into last night. Well. o-kay, just me.

This morning my husband, live-in tech whiz supremo that he is – recorded the ladies egg hunt, which of course I just KNEW you’d be dying to see, even though we have not showered and are not wearing any fancy pants Easter costumes or anything. So w/out further ado, Click here for the HUNT.

4 thoughts on “Egg hunt with the chicks

  1. Is that JACK SKELLINGTON in your fishtank???

    Can I tell you, Madison was so CUTE. She was a woman on a mission with those eggs. “Yes, Mom, I see the basket. Yum, peep. Ok, ok, pictures. Can we start now? God, it’s taking FOREVER.”

  2. That is too weird Hayden! I went downstairs to look in the tank and MAN it DOES LOOK EXACTLY LIKE JACK!!!! I never noticed it before. But no it’s just some root formation. Makes you understand how people can see paranormal faces etc. in photos.

    Thanks about Mads – yes, she was totally into the hunt. They knew they were getting slim pickins here after Saturday’s party, but were very game to find the penny-filled eggs anyway. They’re very good kids.

  3. I really enjoyed that! I was getting involved too… I was shouting “Look under the dog!!” ;o) Your girls are adorable and I see your youngest has a similiar hair style to one I sport myself most mornings so she is in good company!
    Oh and I love your strairway…. very dramatic looking and impressive! xxx

  4. Oh Daff, you made me laugh! Our dog’s had a GI infection (I will NOT go into it) and has not been feeling perky lately; you can tell from the video. Poor Max. He’s such a good guy. Anyway, yes Georgia’s hair is always rumpled like that in the back – in the morning it’s worse. I have to practically tie her down to brush it. Torture for us both! xoxo

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