Early January, 1997

Staring out across the valley,
thickets dissolving into opaque silvery waters.
The mist
a spectral dream
hovering between the cold earth
and warm sky,
a ghostly sea I swim transfixed.

The trees have long shed their summer garb
and stand erect in the stillness.
They beckon me to join in their procession
To run,
into the haunt.
To break each foggy wave
with flailing arms and lungs full of joyous song.
To disturb
each flightless bird
into action.
And to watch
the eddies swirl round me,
as they unite into one almighty dance skyward.


This post is dedicated to my dear blog buddy Hayden, who has been writing about her own teenage angst-filled poetry. Here’s one for you babe.

3 thoughts on “Early January, 1997

  1. Yours isn’t bad at all! You defeated the whole point of this exercise!!!

    I have to say, though, it’s nice to see you did this too

    “To run,
    into the haunt”

    LMAO! Thanks. 🙂

  2. Oh my…I think I may have to chicken out of the sharing poetry thing!!! Apart from the fact that mine is so BAD … it is in a safe place somewhere…

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