12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Georgia!!

  1. a. happy b-day to the little cutie pie…

    b. dishy: DO YOU EVER AGE? you look the same in all photos. the montage with you and john…5 years ago being preggo…hello? it’s not normal. you must main-line la mer.

  2. Oh good, I was hoping too find a place to convey my birthday wishes to Georgia, and you’ve made it oh-so easy.

    Happy Birthday Georgia!!!

    (Happy Birthdays also to, among others, Mohandas Ghandi, Groucho Marx, Sting, “Spanky” McFarlane, and, uhm, Tiffany)

  3. Happy (Belated) Birthday to your little sweetie pie! We always had “birthday week” – we really liked to celebrate our kids’ b’days!

  4. THANKS EVERYONE!! We had a wonderful bday celebration, and Georgia enjoyed every minute of the CAKE. And presents. And singing. And gloating. ESPECIALLY THE GLOATING. I don’t know where she gets it.

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