The NEW AND IMPROVED Daily Dish Recipe Site

…..IS LIVE!!



YES. I know I wanted it done last month, but I also wanted it done right. And sometimes that takes a bit more doing. After much exhaustive work and the collaborative efforts of my beloved husband, the new site is up and running. Good as gold. I love the new layout, the clean look and improved features. The site is now fully indexed and searchable. The RSS feed so many of you requested is NOW AVAILABLE – and each of the recipes can be critiqued through comments. Please take a look at the new site and let me know what you think. It has been A LOT of work and I am very proud. Speaking of work, Having to update everything and go through each and every recipe (334 at last count) was both grueling and surprisingly wonderful. I am grateful beyond belief to all of my readers, who have made this endeavor so rewarding, as well as to my family for helping me accomplish so much.

Last, I know many of you enjoy looking through my photos. Although the site has no direct link currently, the gallery can still be accessed HERE.

10 thoughts on “The NEW AND IMPROVED Daily Dish Recipe Site


    Curl, the book is next. Many thanks for the kick in the butt.

    Thanks Panns!! Keep up the suggestions. 🙂

    I love it Hayden – so glad you do too! John wrote a script to import the files (_reworking it many, many times_ to get it *just right* for me), which made ALL the difference. He is truly the best. The design itself is a wordpress theme called Copyblogger by Chris Pearson – who BTW also did the Cutline theme on this blog. Many thanks Chris!

    THANKS DAFF! Ditto – I am loving your new look. xo

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