Recipe Attribution: A Murky Issue.

As some of you know, in addition to blogging here, I also run a low-sodium food site called The Daily Dish.  I’ve spent years creating recipes, sometimes off the top of my head, other times jumping off something already published.  I often go through cookbooks and websites looking for new ideas and inspiration.  Whenever I adapt someone else’s work, whether slightly or significantly, I make a point of citing sources and linking to the original.  It’s simply the right thing to do.

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The Daily Dish has… WON !!!!!!!!

Many thanks to your steadfast support, my low sodium recipe site The Daily Dish has been awarded a $2000 grant from Mom Central Consulting!!!

I am overwhelmed and overjoyed and cannot thank each and every person who took the time to vote for me – once, twice or daily – enough.  But I will try.





Congratulations to the winners and very best wishes to everyone who entered!

Now I’m off to celebrate.

The Daily Dish is on FACEBOOK!

The Daily Dish has joined FACEBOOK!

It’s TRUE! As of last night!! Just click the yellow link above and you’ll be magically transported over to Facebook Land. You’ll see photos from The Daily Dish, low sodium recipes and MORE! You’ll be surrounded by smiling faces, delicious SALT FREE food and happiness so palpably real it’s contagious!
It’s like having a vacation, without having to leave home!!

The Daily Dish Facebook Page is a place to gather and unwind, get inspired & inspire others. Whether you stick to a salt free diet all the time, sometimes, or never ever, The Daily Dish welcomes your support and I do too!! Please, if you like The Daily Dish, then ‘Like’ The Daily Dish on FACEBOOK!

Love me up with YOUR VOTES!!

Did you know that in addition to wowing you here with my personal exploits, I also run a salt free/low sodium recipe site coincidentally called The Daily Dish??  You didn’t?!  Well – SURPRISE!  This enchanting personal blog you’re reading is actually an outgrowth of that OTHER Daily Dish, a project I’ve been undertaking Oooh.. the past four years. For FREE. Mm-hmm.  Here’s my lastest recipe.

Somehow my salt free recipe site (That OTHER Daily Dish) manages to be the most well hidden treasure of the culinary world.  And frankly, I’m tired of it.  WELL. No more!  Last month I got an email from my friend Tracy, encouraging me to enter a grant contest being held by Mom Central Consulting.

Snazzy logo, huh?!  Ayuh.  Their website explains the premise behind the program:

The Mom Blogosphere is brimming with talented, smart, passionate and ambitious women. We feel so grateful and want to do our part in helping take Moms’ personal brands to the next level …whether graphic or technical help, a site redesign or self-publishing a book… we want to pitch in to provide the support.

SHA-ZAM!!!!!!  Okay, last time I checked I was a blogger AND A MOM.  Yehaw!  In a nutshell, the grant contest will award five bloggers $2000 each.  This money can be used to improve and promote each of the winning websites. In the case of The Daily Dish, I would FINALLY be able to upgrade the site, giving it the royal “spa treatment” it so deserves, as well as self-publishing a cookbook of (you guessed it) 365 original recipes.  A salt free Daily Dish! from The Daily Dish! 🙂

Yesterday The Daily Dish cleared the first of three hurdles towards winning a grant.  My application was accepted! The next hurdle? Open voting by the public.  THIS IS WHERE YOU ALL COME IN BIG TIME.  Open voting begins today, March 1st, and runs through April 15th. One vote per person per day, through the next month and a half.  That’s a lot of votes.  But I for one know you’re all up to the challenge.  To (poorly) paraphrase Walt Whitman:


Please, if you value my website, if you love this blog or JUST WANT TO BE NICE! take a moment to click the link below. Your vote today, tomorrow, and everyday through April 15th will make me SO VERY HAPPY I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

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Fore River Sanctuary Samosas with Mango Dipping Sauce

I don’t typically cross-post across my two blogs, preferring to compartmentalize my life (hah) but I’ve been so busy recreating this recipe I didn’t get round to writing anything else.  So indulge me.

Portland Trails is holding a “Trail Gourmet” Recipe Contest and I won’t beat around the bush.  I’d like to win.  I thought long & hard about which of my recipes to enter, and while walking the Fore River Sanctuary this week it came to me.  SAMOSAS.  I’d created a fantastic low sodium recipe for samosas four years ago, shortly after launching The Daily Dish.  While a little time intensive to make, these samosas freeze beautifully and would showcase one of Maine’s premier agricultural crops: Potatoes!  Samosas are perfect hiking fare.  Small and portable, yet hearty and filling.  They’re a healthy meal in an incredible, edible wrapper.  And they’re DELICIOUS – especially with the tangy subtle sweetness of the mango dipping sauce, which is easily toted in any lightweight lidded container. Double dipping a MUST!  So if you’re craving something extraordinary the next time you head out on the trail, look no further than Fore River Sanctuary Samosas with Mango Dipping Sauce.  Gourmet vegetarian snacks that pack a healthy, meal-like punch – NO SILVERWARE NECESSARY!

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SO.  I’m standing in the kitchen this morning, enjoying a nice banana scone, when in walks my blog.  He looks awful and he smells even worse, like he’s been up half the night drinking.  He looks at me and announces in a wounded voice that we’re 2 weeks into the new year and – he says – I’ve done just one post.

YES!  I retort, but Interview with a Roller Girl wasn’t some slapdash diatribe regaling the world w/my favorite choice of deodorant (cucumber green tea); it was THOUGHT PROVOKING STUFF.  With formatting, photos and everything.

He scoffs, and proceeds to tell me that my friend Kim did most of the work.  Then he helps himself to the last scone.

I am stunned.  THE LAST SCONE?!  Now that’s going a bit too far.  I grab him by the arm of his dirty shirt and toss him out into the snow.  Deaf to his screams of LET ME BACK IN YOU SELF-ABSORBED MORON! I lean against the counter and think…

Hmmm..  I have been spending a lot of time lately with his brother.  Why, just this morning, when I wrote that banana scone recipe, I did find myself lingering..

BUT. can you blame me?  I mean, seriously.  I’m only human.

And then all at once – it dawns on me.  He’s jealous!  My blog! after all these years..  He’s feeling NEEDY.  While whiling away the hours with his brother, whipping up intoxicating creations for the salt deprived, my poor blog is.. Lonely.  Oh, the poor guy.

It’s not that I never think of him – I DO!  It’s just that I’ve been SO BUSY!  Cooking it up every day with his brother takes a lot out of a girl.  Yes that sounds bad, I admit, but.. I assure you it’s innocent.  Plus, there’s been the new puppy. Taking care of her has been totally absorbing, and  – What do you mean, what do I mean? Roxy.  The puppy.  The NEW PUPPY.  Oh?  I didn’t tell you?  (awkward)

(sound of crickets chirping)

Sooo, here’s Roxy!

No, not last week.  It’s been um.. more like a month.  Sorry about that.  I did post it on the OTHER Daily Dish.  So.  Yep…..

Okay.  I get it.  I understand.  My blog is tired of feeling sloughed off like an unwanted heel callous.  You know what?  I love my blog.  Even though I’ve been distracted, and haven’t been as attentive as in the past, that doesn’t mean I’ve forsaken him.  Like most marriages, this relationship between me & the blog is.. well, it’s special.  So I am resolving that this new year we start fresh.  I may have temporarily forgotten what it’s like to woo, but that doesn’t mean I can’t court with the best of them.  I can!  I CAN!  Blog baby, it’s gonna be different this year.  More daily contact — REALLY!  I’ll even take my socks off before touching your keyboard — b/c 2011, it’s all about YOU.