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If you’ve been craving new recipes from me (pun intended!) here’s your chance! The Daily Dish is now on Patreon.

As many of you know, I suffer from a weird ear plague ailment called Meniere’s Disease. If you haven’t heard of Meniere’s you are truly lucky. Periodically and without warning, I go deaf, get vertigo, and more.

One of the only ways of controlling the awful symptoms of Meniere’s is to stop eating salt. Yup. SALT. Which is in pretty much everything. When I was first diagnosed with Meniere’s, way back in 2004, my insurance wouldn’t pay for me to see a nutritionist, and restrictive low-sodium diets weren’t exactly the rage. At age 31, facing a lifelong debilitating condition, I was on my own.

Rather than give up, I got to work. I taught myself everything there was to know about living low-sodium and I began creating my own original recipes. I cooked and baked and spent hour after hour after HOUR in the kitchen making and re-making salt-free food from scratch. The most important thing to me? Food that wasn’t just low-sodium, but DELICIOUS. I wasn’t going to succeed in healing myself if I was hating every meal.

I launched The Daily Dish website in 2007 with the hope of building community among those living salt-free. Since that time, the website has grown exponentially and now offers over 600 low-sodium recipes and much more, all for FREE!

For the past 15 years, I’ve kept The Daily Dish free of advertisements, especially those annoying pop-up ads. It’s been a long fifteen years since that very first recipe was published, with countless unpaid hours of hard work in both the kitchen and office.

The time has come for me to ask for your help. Much like signing at a stop light, it’s a bit uncomfortable to do so. But I just can’t keep creating and working for free. Patreon is a way for creators like me to connect directly with those who value them. With your support, I can continue creating and sharing delicious low-sodium recipes long into the future.

Daily Dish Patrons will enjoy a brand new low-sodium recipe each week, along with photos, nutrition facts, and behind-the-scenes videos. Choose a level of monthly support and gain access to all of the new content! WIN-WIN.

Becoming a Daily Dish Patron is simple and secure. Just click on the button, choose the amount you’d like to pledge per month, and confirm. You can cancel or adjust your payment at any time.

My first new recipe post is up now: Cinnamon Apple Bread. My next-door neighbor just called to tell me it’s her favorite thing ever!!! High praise. If you have used The Daily Dish website in the past, or are using it now, please consider supporting my work. It will make a world of difference to me. Thanks always and best wishes for the new year.  ❤️ Christy

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