The Daily Dish is on FACEBOOK!

The Daily Dish has joined FACEBOOK!

It’s TRUE! As of last night!! Just click the yellow link above and you’ll be magically transported over to Facebook Land. You’ll see photos from The Daily Dish, low sodium recipes and MORE! You’ll be surrounded by smiling faces, delicious SALT FREE food and happiness so palpably real it’s contagious!
It’s like having a vacation, without having to leave home!!

The Daily Dish Facebook Page is a place to gather and unwind, get inspired & inspire others. Whether you stick to a salt free diet all the time, sometimes, or never ever, The Daily Dish welcomes your support and I do too!! Please, if you like The Daily Dish, then ‘Like’ The Daily Dish on FACEBOOK!

20 thoughts on “The Daily Dish is on FACEBOOK!

    1. I’m honored by the suggestion, but I’ve yet to read the Hamster Britain tales. I do however love the fact that they’re labeled unsuitable for preteens & prudes! A bit of genius, that! Sure to draw “certain” clientele. Hahahh


    1. Just like MySpace, huh? I saw something yesterday about LinkedIn overtaking Facebook, but I think the two sites are so distinctly different that’s sort of an “apples-oranges” comparison.

      As for FB, not sure its popularity will fade over time, but given the fickleness/boredom factor of mankind, you’re probably right.


    1. A FB hold-out, eh?? I was too, but I crumbled and now am a USER. Egads.

      Funny – whenever we go to the library, it’s row after row of computers, everyone glued to FB! Aren’t you tempted while at work?! Hahah


      1. It’s the same at our library.

        I actually do have a Facebook but only because I want to see recent photos of our Grandson. Otherwise I couldn’t care less.


  1. I re-signed up again after deleting a few months ago but haven’t used it since. There’s something about it that just irks me. Even so many TV ads now have a thing at the end saying visit our Facebook Page. I just don’t know if I trust them plus blogging uses enough of my time so I don’t have time for Facebooking.


    1. Tony, I think a lot of bloggers feel the same way. I held out joining FB forever, simply b/c I resented it. But now that I’m there, I’ve embraced it as only a USER can… lol


  2. Most of my favorite bloggers spend a lot of time on facebook! By the way, the page is awesome πŸ™‚ I am double crossing my fingers that you get enough votes to put you over the top this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. I LOVE YOU Connie!! Thank you. That grant money would mean so much to the site. In addition to the upgrade & cookbook, it would allow me to purchase a CSA share for this upcoming season. So we’d have fresh organic produce through mid Oct. for the site — tons of great healthy recipes.. BOY.. wouldn’t it be NICE!

      PS: our SLOB posse has mostly fallen over to FB, huh?!!



  3. My wife is crazy about facebook. I wish I have more time like hers. It is a great way to get in touch with friends. Just want to thank you for the stories you share at the commnet section of my blog. They always spell adventure and has deep affection for family and friends. Your blog is one of my favorites.



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