0 thoughts on “Happy Butter

    1. In my dreams (snark) I love to bake but it’s been crazy busy round these parts, between keeping up the site and cleaning out the attic — dumpster post soon!

  1. I shouldn’t admit this because it does very little for my rockstar image, but…
    when I was in middle-school I used to do a ‘character’ called Captain Cholesterol… basically me running around putting INSANE amounts of butter on food (that didn’t require any) and eating the whole thing as quickly as possible.
    *sigh* Yeah. I was cool like that. 🙂

    1. Like a pubescent Paula Deen – nice!

      Much tastier than the alter ego I assume many mornings to coax my youngest into getting dressed. “Personal Assistant Christy” comes complete w/ French accent and impeccable fashion sense. LOL

    1. Hmm. Good question. I would have to say a buttery smile sounds a bit greasy, but definitely doesn’t have the same connotation as a ‘greasy smile’ – and cheesy smiles are something different altogether.. 😉

  2. Now you’ve encouraged me to look for little signs in my food.
    It’s always the little things that count anyway. Right?

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