EastEnders Meet-Up THIS SUNDAY in NYC!!


A shout-out to my fellow EE addicts, that the NYC-based fan group is holding their next meet-up THIS SUNDAY, December 7th, at Swing 46 in Manhattan. The cost is $5 cover and $35 for a 3-course brunch, including beverage, tax & tip. They will be showing 3 full-length episodes, including 2 Christmas specials. WOWWWWW!

There are 11 seats left (out of 50), so if you’re interested in going, contact Debbie (the organizer) ASAP.

E20Launderette AT mac DOT com *OR* dgishcabibble20 AT aol DOT com

5 thoughts on “EastEnders Meet-Up THIS SUNDAY in NYC!!

  1. I hate Eastenders! ;o)
    Dish Lady, just wanted to say hi, send some festive hugs over to you. Things should slow down soon and I can be back in blogland…


  2. Booooooo Daffy!! How can you NOT love Dot Cotton and ALL THAT DRAMA>??!

    Curly, what can I say – I am IN LOVE. So stifle it.

    Connie, at our behest I will find some old Christmas pix. But yer gonna have to WAIT! hahahah!

    PIPE DOWN ALREADY, curly. Enough of that insubordination!



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