It’s beginning to SMELL a lot like CHRISTMAS!

It’s the HOLIDAYS!  And for me that means COOKIES!!!!!

As many of you know, I run a low-sodium recipe site – also called THE DAILY DISH.  From now until Christmas, I will be highlighting holiday baking & gift-giving ideas.  AND I AM LOOKING FOR SOME MAGICAL ELVES TO HELP ME.

Do you have a favorite cookie recipe you would like to share with the world??  Do you LONG for FAME AND/OR GLORY?? or simply want to WIN A PRIZE?!

WELL, YOU and YOUR RECIPE could be featured on The Daily Dish.

I am holding a contest now through the end of this week, looking for delicious Christmas cookie and/or candy recipes.  If you have a tried-and-true personal favorite you would like to share, then please LET ME KNOW!  Although my recipe site is devoted to low sodium cooking, Your recipe does NOT need to be salt free.  I will be adapting entries to meet sodium restrictions.  All you need to do is THINK DELICIOUS and let me handle the rest.

To make a submission, please email me: CHRISTY at THEDAILYDISH dot US.  Put “Recipe Contest” in the subject line and be sure to include not only the recipe title, but list of ingredients and step-by-step directions.  If you have a photo you would like to include as well, by all means do so.

I will be accepting submissions now through the end of this week – Friday, December 12th – and YES. You may enter more than once.

ALL of the winning recipes will be announced here, Monday, December 15th, and will be featured on The Daily Dish website – one per day – beginning Monday, December 15th. All winners will be contacted via email, and will receive not only the honor of appearing live on The Daily Dish, but ALSO A FABBBBBULOUS PRIZE!!

So what are you waiting for?? ENTER NOW!

18 thoughts on “It’s beginning to SMELL a lot like CHRISTMAS!

  1. Here’s your recipe for ‘Lazy Woman’s Mr. Goodbar”.

    Get bag of Hershey’s Special Dark. Get container of unsalted peanuts. Grab a little from each bag and put in your hands. Start to munch. Make sure the ration is two chocolate chips for every peanut. Those suckers are strong!

    And viola! You are DONE!

    I’m glad I could contribute dahling. 😉

  2. I have never baked an edible cookie – not once. 🙁 But I will checking back here for awesome recipes that maybe I can talk Joe in to baking for me! 😀

  3. Okay, now you’re talking my language! I will send you some recipes, hopefully tomorrow. Like my grandmother’s famous peanut butter fudge recipe. Or my mum-in-law’s applesauce spice muffins. I do make cookies too, let’s see, i have a delish peanut butter cookie recipe, and molasses crinkles too. If i enter them, can I still put the recipe on my blog too, or will that mess you up somehow? It’s a contest, right? If I win, what do I get? Respect?

  4. BOY. Things must be festively fun round your parts, Bouncy & MTAE! I am surprised to say, as much yuletide cheer as I have consumed, I’ve yet to try Bailey’s Irish Cream. Perhaps this year Santa will add a roadie to my stocking. You have both inspired me to feature a couple cocktails on The Dish. Many thanks!

    Heyya Curls! Hurry up w/ that recipe will ya?? I have yet to get a SINGLE ONE. And I am not kidding. 🙁

    Oh Connie, you poor thing!! I have been fighting a terrible respiratory cold too – my 2nd of the season. Ugh.. Hang in there babe. Cookies are on the way soon, I promise.

    Ooooh Hayden, what a good idea! I will be crafting some Chocolate Almond Bark just for YOU. xoxo

    Hey Rambley!! WELCOME. I am sorry to hear about your lack of cookies up to present. That is heartbreaking. Please check back – there should be some goodies next week. Prime Joe this weekend. Bouncy & MTAE recommend liquor.

    Tracie – there’s my girl!! I am soooo looking forward to your contributions. It’s gonna be YOU, YOU & YOU, plus me. But I will not gift myself anything (except cookies). I was thinking of Lindt chocolates as a prize.. in addition to the mountains of respect, of course.

  5. Oh Connie, you poor thing. Wish I lived closer so I could bring you some real comfort food! Hope you’re feeling much better soon. xoxo

    Curly babe – I am waiting for your (TOP SECRET UNTIL MONDAY!) xx’s to finish baking and BOY do they smell GOOD. MMMMmmmmMMMmmMMm!!

    I have rec’d THREE submissions as of this morning (Thurs). I would love some more. Please, if you have a favorite Christmas cookie and/or candy recipe, SEND IT MY WAY. The next 12 submissions will win the honor of appearing on THE DAILY DISH, as well as a FABBULOUS prize (which will be Lindt or some other fancy chocolate)..

    You have until midnight tomorrow!



  6. I sent you a special recipe although I am not sure you can print it on a family blog!!!

    Cyber well wishes are working I am still sick but showing improvement.

  7. Well Bouncy – the sand’s almost run out. Just 6 hrs left to find those snickerdoodles!

    Mmmmmm, snickerdoodles….

    Curly me love, I have sent you something to pep up your baking. enjoy!

    Connie, I am so happy to hear you’re on the mend! BUT WHERE is my off-color recipe??!

  8. i baked tonight…it was disasterous. something went horribly awry with BNBB. i hope you had better luck. (i’ve never actually made them before…there’s a big mess in my kitchen and i don’t know who to call.)

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