It’s been five days of HARD WORK PEOPLE.  Cranking out batch after batch of scrumptious goodies.  Almond Butter Crunch at 9 am, elfin shortbread bites at noon. My yoga pants have never had such a workout in all their life.

BUT AS PROMISED, I am here to announce the three winners of my FIRST Annual Low Sodium Holiday Bake-Off. TA-DAHHHH!!!


Natalie (aka, CURLYWURLYGURLY) makes her debut today w/ Bratty Natty’s Berry Bars. We all know Nat brags about her lack of culinary prowess, but these little babies are FABULOUS.  Many thanks NAT (and NAT-IN-LAW!)

Tracie has wowed me with one heirloom recipe after another. Look for her Grandma’s Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Fudge tomorrow.  Big on taste and short on work, this one promises to please even your pickiest PB lover.

And last BUT NOT LEAST, the lovely Lucille G. sent a stupendous recipe from her own grandmother as well.  Lucille’s Lemony Sprinkles will shine on Wednesday.  Light and ethereal, these simple sugar cookies are simply DELISH!

MANY THANKS to Nat, Tracie and Lucille for sharing such delicious treasures w/ the rest of us. You’ve all earned a treat — look for Lindt Chocolate arriving in the mail soon!

And for EVERYONE: Now through Christmas Eve, check back daily for another new holiday favorite on THE DAILY DISH!


  1. wow…i’m so excited!!!! i looked at the pictures of YOUR bars and they are stunning…i’ll have to post one of my own. i made a giant mess. ahahah. typical.

    i’m going to do some serious baking next week. really. i am. right after i put up my christmas tree.

  2. So glad you liked the recipes! The peanut butter fudge one is always a big hit. Believe it or not, some people don’t like chocolate!!! But i must warn you, it is DECEPTIVELY easy! Because once a million people find out you can “whip up a batch” so easily, they will ALL want you to make them a batch for Christmas… Anyway, I am very excited about being featured on your site, and on the lovely prize! Thank you. I will get my address to you posty hasty.

  3. Hah! Oh Hayden, just you WAIT. I’m mailing your Christmas pkg tomorrow. Trust me. You did not lose.

    Curly, you are too sweet. Almost as sweet as your berry bars. Look for your pkg – going out tomorrow as well. Your CD should have reached you by now…

    Trace, pkg. leaving tomorrow, am I repeating myself here?

    Connie. Ditto.
    PS: hope you are feeling better babe.

  4. thankyouthankyouthankyou!! all goodies arrived safely and ant & i ate your cookies for dinner last night. 🙂

    i’m going to play the cd shortly–hopefully it will put me in the festive spirit.

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