Eating like a Maine-ahh

Being new in town, we don’t know a whopping lot of people yet – which, coming from Philly where everyone knows everyone, is a bit weird – and lonely. So last night was a real treat. We were invited to dinner at the home of one of John’s coworkers. Sitting down to a meal in an authentic *MAINE HOME* – complete w/ backyard, grill, and Jack Russell terrier, was wonderful. And they were so thoughtful – they even served us traditional Maine fare. I am of course referring to RED HOT DOGS.


Holy smokes!!  They really truly are THAT RED.  I’d heard of Red Hots before, but I’d never in my life SEEN anything like this.  For those of you also “From Away” (aka, Non-Native Maine-ahhs), these colorful franks are typically referred to as red “snappers” – or simply “Snappers” due to the crunchy BITE of their natural casing.  Although hot dogs across the board are pretty much verboten to me, I HAD TO TRY THESE.  My alloted bite had a pleasant snap, and the taste was (as w/ most hot dogs) divine.  You’d think they’d be spicy – with that fiery GLOWING RED color, but nope.  I found a link, so if anyone not now residing in Maine wants to try these too, you can ORDER THEM HERE.  PS: This morning I’m pleased to report we are all still normally pigmented – which, as pale as we are, is a good thing – right?

10 thoughts on “Eating like a Maine-ahh

  1. They sound nice… I like food that snaps.
    Did all the animals travel to Maine or will you be getting a Jack Russell?

  2. Wait, so they aren’t spicy? Well then what was the point of calling them “red hot”?!

    P.S. I told Chris you were baking and now every time I say “Dishy” he’s all “She’s baking!”

  3. I do too Daff, especially ginger snaps.. And you know all the pets came too. NO getting rid of them (though Kiwi’s starting to push a few buttons, if you know what i mean..) the bird doesn’t know when enough is enough. A 2 bdrm apartment isn’t the place to start exercising those birdie vocal chords. unless she wants them severed.

    Hayden – my bad. To clarify. Red Hots I’d heard of before we moved here. They’re sold in philly I think, but mostly in NY and may (or may not) be spicy. Red hot dogs here in Maine are known as red snappers or snappers – not red hots – and are not hot at all. PS: Tell chris AWESOME! I walked by the bakery 1st thing this morning, and the sign out front read “The BEST Sticky Buns in Portland!” YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Went back to take a picture just now, but they’d changed the sign for the day. Hope that isn’t the last one!

  4. haha- were you at my in-laws house? (complete w/ Jack Russel and all)

    My Dad is also from Maine. So as a kid going to Maine meant red hot dogs, italian sandwiches, and pink lemonade.

    Have you gone into a Maine sandwich shop and ordered an Italian? Almost makes me wish I still ate meat.

  5. Hmmm… I don’t know. I like red on most things, but on food it has a whole different connotation. If ya know what I mean. But, as my son so aptly put it, hot dogs aren’t meat, so you’re probably fine.

  6. YAY! MELISSA!! WELCOME! I looooove getting new comments and commenters!! Thanks for the heads-up on the Italian sandwiches. They sound like hoagies. Will definitely have to taste test.

    MTAE: It’s interesting that you ask. They didn’t say anything – but another woman from the girls school heard me talking and came over to ask – ARE YOU FROM PHILLY?? Fabulous – she is TOO!! I do think my accent has gotten worse since we’ve gotten here – it sounds more pronounced, but maybe just in contrast.

    Well put Trace!

    I know Connie – Curly always asks the pertinent questions. xo

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