Sometimes things just magically fall into place.  In the past three weeks, I have done more than settle into a new city and apartment. I’ve also managed to land myself a sweet new job. And by sweet, I mean SWEET – as in BAKING. My very own sticky buns for a bakery around the corner. As the recipe itself came to me in a dream, and this is for me a dream job, you can imagine my state of mind right now.  A little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll. And a whole lot of WOW.

Three months ago, if you’d told me I’d be living in Portland, walking my kids to school, and baking for a living, I’d have told you you were crazy.  But here I am.  The first time we visited – wwaaaaayyy back in February – a sign greeted us at the border.


Who would have known>?

11 thoughts on “Serendipity.

  1. WOW indeed! You have indeed done good, as they say in… where do say that? Anyhoo, I’m so pleased but of course I will need the new addy if you want me to spam your letter box.
    Any chance of a bun?

  2. hahahaha…when you said sticky i thought you got a job at a knackery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tee hee. i wanna move to maine too. waaa. i’ll move to vermont instead. we can be almost-neighbors. come visit, won’t you?

    ps. i’m going to ardmore next weekend…i’ll send you a p-card.

  3. so cool…I’m so happy for you, for all of you! Maine – the way life should be…what a great sign. I’m gonna try this recipe this weekend – let you know how it turns out. xo -E

  4. Thanks Hayden – and I knew EXACTLY what you meant! LOL

    Bouncy – what can I say? Besides WOOOT!!

    Heyya Daff!! New addy is on the STUFF page above. Feel free to fill my letter box – I actually get my mail now. Hah!

    Curly – where you get these ideas is BEYOND ME. Sex slave maybe, but ANimal Processing??! PS: What are you doing in Scenic Ardmore??

    Love ya E – let me know how the buns turn out! xo

    THANKS CONNIE – couldn’t be happier. PS: Would love to send you & daffy buns, but I’m afraid of what they’d look like on arrival..

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