12 thoughts on “How to keep Mom from eating your Easter candy

  1. mmmmmmm….that looks tempting. miss you guys! can you post a pic & even the recipe of your sticky buns? I would love to see/taste.

  2. eeewww! I had to hide mine in the back of the closet as a child in a suitcase to keep a certain unnamed sister and our mother from eating it. The youngest child syndrome-have to get creative to survive

  3. Yep, that would pretty much do it. Especially since I don’t like jelly beans. Of course, if it was M & M’s I don’t know that a little saliva would slow me down – after all, that’s what we wash our kids’ faces with, isn’t it?

  4. YES>I admit it. I am a candy thief. I am sorry. But in my defense Madison, you did say you didn’t like those “hard jelly beans”. and you did leave your candy out, unattended, in a bowl on the kitchen table. Where anyone (not just me) could have helped him (or her) self to its sweet chewy goodness. True, we just moved here and have not seen many guests. And yes, your dad hates candy and your sister had her own. Max doesn’t go up on the table and Kiwi’s beak was already sealed shut from that other jelly bean, and the fish are still recovering from their own personal trauma. BUT. BUT _ NOT FAIR TO POINT FINGERS!!!

    I am sorry. Maddie. Your mother is a weak woman when it comes to candy. NOW LEARN FROM YOUR SISTER!!

    Now that I’ve gottenTHAT off my chest. Bouncy – let me tell you – after I polished off Maddie’s candy, I reached in to Georgia’s bowl, hoisted a handful up t my mouth and – SCCCREEECH. thankfully LOOKED AT IT before tossing it back. UGH. Thanks but no thanks. I prefer my easter mix w/out the cheddar jack cheezit bits.

    Curly, now I know what to send you next!

    She is Hayden. Unbelievably so. I am worried about the Teen Years.

    Connie, please tell me I am not the only mother stealing candy from their child.

    Erika – Still a few candy corn nuggets.. COME & GET EM! Hhahahahah! We miss you guys too. Hope you had a blast in NJ. I will throw a post together about my new job and re-post the recipe. Love you! xo

    OH MY GOOODNESSS – SUE – THAT’S RIGHT!!! You are too funny – I remember that crazy candy case – but you hardly ever ate any of it. Just hoarded it in the back of your closet to keep it away from us. I remember seeing it months and months late – the candy was so old and nasty – even mom wouldn’t touch it w/ a 10 ft pole!! HAHAHHAHAHAHH DId she eat the heads off our bunnies or am I just imagining that??

    Oh Tracie – Jelly beans are the BEST. Especially jelly bellies – mmmmmm. But I draw the line at the licked ones. Even thieves have their standards. 😉

  5. oh I just pressed ‘submit’ when I remembered something… this might only be funny to me.
    A couple of weeks ago we went out for a meal, my entire family. Me, kids, hubby, dad, brother and brothers lovely partner. I ordered the pork and with the pork I got a side plate of crackling. (You know what that is don’t you) Anyhow, I ate most of it but the last bit was a bit, less crackly and more rubbery, I gave it a good suck and a chew but it wasn’t going to go down so I left it on my plate. Five minutes passed and my brother was ‘holding court’ with a conversation and he reached over and picked up my crackling and started to chew on it…. I nearly fell off the table as I saw his face change colour…. Sorry, had to share. :o)

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