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So, how goes your new life in Maine?  How's john's job?
The girls are making friends and enjoying school??
you've unpacked all the boxes and set up
house? Let me know. xoxo

I know this isn’t QUITE what you were expecting Curls, but as I’ve already discussed feet, underwear, and copulating animals crackers here.. why not get a little personal?  So here goes.

19 days in Portland. and we are settling in well.  The boxes are all unpacked (save for those hidden beneath our beds and they DO NOT COUNT), and the apartment is in order.  I have to say, coming from a 3 story house I’d never have imagined I’d like any apartment, but I truly love this place.  So sun filled and spacious; my plants have never known such bliss.  John seems to be enjoying his new job, which is much the same as his old job @ PENN, but w/ more responsibility.  The girls are loving their new school.  Maddie had her first assembly today – she got to do an African dance w/ her classmates and play a Nigerian rhythm on the drum.


Both she and Georgia have made wonderful friends quickly. The day after we moved in, they were already going to the park w/ neighbors, and Madison had her first play date by the end of the week. Georgia – that crazy 5 year old – already has her first real crush (CANNOT NAME NAMES) and a birthday party to go to next week. Me? I’m having a blast exploring Portland, taking photos and OF COURSE Blahhhhhging once more. Oh, and I’ve gotten a job.  YES I KNOW I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN HERE 3 WEEKS. But Kismet is Kismet.

I’m finding Portland is small. In a good way.  Coming to a brand new city, one w/ roughly the same population as the “neighborhood” I used to reside in, is reassuring. I’m walking everywhere and not getting lost. I say hi to people I meet and almost everyone is friendly. Parents from school have gone out of their way to approach me, introduce themselves and welcome our family.  It’s been lovely.

And transitioning back to apartment living after 8 years away has gone fairly well. Except that our refrigerator clucks. LIKE A CHICKEN. At random intervals, for no apparent reason, the fridge begins to BOCK – b-B-BB-BOCK. This goes on for several seconds at a time, then stops.  As perplexing, is the unknown tenant who lives above us. I have met the 2 college guys who live downstairs. I have met one of the tenants above. But the other tenant on the third floor remains a complete MYSTERY. I’ve met his, or her, girlfriend, who is very nice by the way.  But after 19 days in this building, I’ve yet to meet him/her.  His/her name is a very unusual one, one which could go either way (boy or girl).  And although we hear ALL KINDS of noises from above – I’ve yet to establish gender. I do not want to be so rude as to ask.  IS YOUR ROOMMATE A BOY OR A GIRL>>>???  That just sounds weird.  [Though between you & me, I am GUESSING it’s a GIRL.]  It’s not like I want to force myself on this person and become his or her best friend.  I’d just like to put a face to the noises. name.  I’ve come home a couple times and/or been leaving, and have heard the door opening upstairs and someone coming out. But they’ve always waited silently for me to enter my apt or depart the premises before coming downstairs. I am seriously considering some sort of SURPRISE! Say, waiting until he/she THINKS I’ve gone in, but really I am standing outside the door w/ a crazy grin.


What do you think?

10 thoughts on “SO???

  1. Your clucking fridge… vacuum it.
    No, I’m not kidding.
    Get the hose-attachment thing, take the grate off the bottom and stick the hose in there.
    Don’t eat anything before hand, because it’ll be gross.
    Bawking should be reduced.

  2. hmm..i was wondering why i didn’t hear back from you. 🙂 guess i’ve got my answer! glad that the fam is settling in nicely. you have a JOB? that is fab–is it fun?

    missing you mucho…but having too much fun in the sun to really cry too much. smooches.

  3. MANY THANKS BOUNCY BABE!! Seriously, the thing is too weird. Even for a woman who wants chickens – I don’t want them living in my kitchen waking me up all hours of the night.

    Nat, I cannot tell you how envious we all are of you lounging by the pool all day, painting Easter eggs w/ your family and having an all-around fabulous time. I haven’t seen my folks since Christmas. Sigh……
    As for the job – I am LOVING IT!!! Will post about it soon. Till then, think STICKY.

    LOVE YOU! xoxo

  4. Under bed storage is simply efficient!

    SO GLAD you guys are enjoying yourself and someone who shall REMAIN NAMELESS is in love with the Maine chocolate’s she received and will bust those bad boys out of the freezer on Day 31!

  5. Kids can adapt so easily…I go nuts if I have to go out of town for one night.

    So glad things are working out for you up there…

    Oh yeah…wear some gloves if you go for anything under the fridge.

  6. HEY CONNIE! Happy Easter! Bet you all had a great time. You folks sure do know how to have fun. ANYWAY. BIG NEWS!! I MET MY NEIGHBOR THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! And I didn’t even have to sit out front in a car! LONG STORY SHORT. I set the smoke alarm off Saturday morning, round about 7-8 am/ NOT GOOD. Anyway, later in the day I felt bad about having woken up my neighbors, SOOOOoo, I packed up some brownies and went up to apologize. GUESS WHO ANSWERED THE DOOR??!! And I was RIGHT _ she’s a GIRL! Super nice, was totally wowed by the treat – and she hadn’t even heard the alarm. Cha-Ching!

    Hi Hayden!! Hope you had a fab weekend too, though it must have been xtra hard w/ all the candy pushing going round (some PEOPLE). HAH! Stay strong baby!

    God Bless You John for bringing us here. Can’t wait till next week!! xoxoxoxooxoxo

    Thanks a bunch, Panny babe!

    Nat, Hope the drive is going safely. Do not stop for any hitchhikers at crossroads, particularly if they have horns and a pitchfork.

    Hi MTAE, No vacuum duty yet – I am still recovering from THIS TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE.

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