PedEgg – the NEW family pastime!

Last week, an anonymous donor (really Curly Wurly Gurly) made our day by sending us a very special package.

It arrived so innocently.. WHAT COULD THIS BE??


And then.







The first scrapes made us all a little nervous — would it hurt??


NO WAY! The PegEgg is (as they say) “so gentle, it won’t even pop a balloon!”  Soon we were in PEDEGG FRENZY!!!!!




My children and I were fighting tooth & nail to be the next to scrape off Daddy’s heel callouses.  Talk about FURY!  I’ve never seen such scrambling (especially by CHILDREN) to get at a pseudo beauty product in all my life!   And the fun didn’t end there – oh no.  Because in between scrapings we rallied to be the next to OPEN the PedEgg and gaze in wonder at all the little skin bits.


Talk about sensation!  Even though most of them had fallen into my lap like so many sloughed off snowflakes, we were still AMAZED by how truly captivating the whole process could be.


Our only criticism?  The PedEgg is “so safe & gentle, it won’t even pop a balloon!”  SERIOUSLY.  NOT that we were looking to leave John footless, but the PedEgg took FOREVER to get even the barest amount off.  We were tempted to try the cheese grater.

Next up?  Someone please send us the SHED-ENDER!!


23 thoughts on “PedEgg – the NEW family pastime!

  1. clearly i misjudged how much fun could be derived from such an implement. you guys are nuts! your children are fascinated with dead skin and it scares me a bit.

    i’m thinking of a new blog feature: we’ll buy ‘as seen on tv’ products and review them. we already have two under our belts–i did the ‘euro-sealer’ and now you gave the ‘ped egg’ a test drive.

    maybe we can start a whole ‘nother blog devoted to testing and reviewing ASOTV products. the oppoturnities are endless.

    glad you like the PEDEGG. i would have posted pictures of the fabulous, international candy medley that arrived in my mailbox…but we ATE IT ALL. nothing left except memories.


  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t speak I am gasping for air….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    snort, snort…hahahahahahaha You guys are sick (in a good way) LOL hahahaha I am imagining these pictures in a time capsule to be opened in the very distant future…..cue twilight zone music

  3. oh dishy!
    The photos!
    The pure joy!

    That was the nugget that prevented me from throwing a cup a hot coffee at co-workers who lose paper in the 30 feet between their office and my desk.

    And CWG, I’d be up for that, I have a shedender/Bissel V. and my bestie has a smooth-away.

  4. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!! Hope you are feeling fine on this glorious sunshine-y morning. Me? Well.. let’s just say last night we all watched Marley & Me. AND NOW we’re all sick. Coincidence>>??

    Curls, LOVE the idea! I volunteer to be first. Maybe we should take a break from the dog theme (NO Marley NO!! Ohhh Marley, Nooo!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Mommy, why does he have to dieeee??? WAAHHHHHHHHHHHH) Can someone send me the Slap Chop? I’ll “be in a great mood all day as I’m slapping my troubles away.” I think that could work wonders for this sore throat.
    Conversely, we could enlist Maddie as a guest blogger. She just got a SNUGGIE!

    HEY Connie, did you get me sick? There seems to be a whole lot of snorting going on there. You Did you remember to WIPE DOWN THE COMPUTER??! RIGHTTT??! Now. I think you & the grandkids should test THESE LIL BABIES OUT!

    Bouncey babe – always happy to be of service. I vote you do the MARGARATOR.

    Hayden, you super sweetie – Thanks! NOW I AM IN NOOOOOO WAY SUGGESTING ANYTHING> REALLLY. BUT since we all know you are a renegade and have no fear, I think you’re perfect to test THIS ONE. KEEP_US_POSTED!

    Panny – I wanted to keep this one for myself – I’ve actually seen several hanging on neighbors porches round here. But since we’re such good friends and all — I think you should take the Topsy-Turvy. YES IT DOES LOOK COOL. You’re welcome!

    Daff – any way you could get one of these products in the UK?? Do they make anything similar you could test out for us? If Not, Maybe you could just sample some Toad in the Hole and do a post on that.

  5. Well you know I had to look….Dishy, sugar, honeybunch…what the H*#$%!!! Did you misplace the memo about my innate clumsiness?
    Will you visit me in the hospital after I bust my bones? I am going with Sham Wow!

  6. Okay Connie, Maybe I WAS a little hasty. But in my defense I AM sick and those flashing lights are pretty irresistible. The SHAM WOW! will be fun too.. but not as fun as THIS ONE !! You know you want it.

  7. You guys are a bit short on entertainment up in Maine?? Just kidding, but I have heard that thing can really hurt.
    I personally want the Sham Wow and the tomato plant upside down grower that produces-wait for it-30 lbs of tomatoes just by hanging it up and watering it. Hmmmm..

  8. WHOA! I just checked & the cheapest aero gardens are $80. We;re talking PORK RINDS Panny – NOT CAVIAR. PS: Ask Curly.


  9. Boy I’m glad I’m not in your family it looks like a Nazi WW2 torture implement & by the looks on the families faces I dunno if I believe the “Painless” claim. Glad my wife hasn’t bought one.

    It looks just like a small kitchen grater/shredder. Does it make nice curly strips of skin like when you grate carrots????

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