Feast Your Eyeballs on THIS!

My dear pal Curly is a woman of requests.  Last month she made me disclose the world’s worst candy.  Now she wants to take a peek inside my fridge.  I almost shudder to think what she’ll be asking of me next..  BUT since we’re pals..


TAAA-DAAAAAHHH!  OoOoohhhhh..Isn’t he handsome.. YES he IS!  Before you get too jealous, though, I must confess.  This is not MY fridge.  No.  It belongs to my landlord.  But I pretend it’s mine.  PS: If you want to store the contents of your lunch in MY fridge, you must ask first.

Let’s take a look inside..



As you can see, my landlord has quite a nice fridge. My husband & I like to stock it with fresh local produce and less local, but still altogether terrific, alcohol.  Since we are no longer in West Philly, and I am no longer hosting a CSA on my front porch, we have now joined a new CSA here in Maine.  It is GREAT.  Except for the beets.  Which are beautiful, but taste like BEETS.  YIKES!  I just noticed that *Smiling Hill* milk on the bottom shelf is no longer blue.  What do I mean – BLUE milk?  WELL. Up here in Maine, they sell Blue Milk.  It’s called BLUEBERRY MILK!  and it is unbelievably delicious.  It normally looks like THIS (many thanks to Joe Shlabotnik):


And is a delightful purple-blue. But now that my blueberry milk has turned a pallid WHITE I am thinking that’s not too good.   From the photo, it also appears to be separating.  Oh my.  Note to self: remove blue white blueberry milk. PS: remember to turn head while pouring out.  PPS: Now that there is space; buy more wine.

Here is my landlord’s freezer.



YES, we do like ice cream!  In fact, we LOVE it!!  Except that spangly stars n’ stripes kind, which I can’t get my kids to eat.  They do like those frozen fish sticks, though.  YOU TOO??  Well.. I’ll ask, but I’m not sure they’ll share.  You can always come over for some stars n’ stripes ice cream, though.  Or a nice glass of milk.



See you soon!

25 thoughts on “Feast Your Eyeballs on THIS!

  1. thank goodness for the alcohol, lumpy milk, butter and mucho dairy…I somehow knew you would have tons of fresh fruit and veggies!

  2. Booze, produce, ice cream, and pepperoni…my kind of fridge!!

    (Well, except for the produce thing…way too healthy!) 🙂

    I didn’t even think to take a pic of my freezer! Duh!!!

  3. Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen the back of our ‘fridge in a long time and I’m absolutely that there is not a back in our freezer.

    That’s such a cute little ‘fridge. Looks like the lettuce needs to go to the compost pile though.

  4. Honestly, I’ve been thinking about the blueberry milk all day now. I just can’t fathom what that would taste like – and what it must be made of that it can turn back to white?? Is the yellow one banana? I’ve never gotten past white and chocolate. It almost feels like a challenge to find this stuff ……..

  5. Oh Connie – the fresh veggies just keep piling up. We got ANOTHER CSA yesterday and we can’t eat them fast enough/ I am gonna have to get cracking to find space for everything. Tonight’s menu: Salad, cauliflower, salad, something made w/ pesto and huge stalks of green garlic.. and more salad. It’s a wonder I don’t spend my life in the lav. Love ya!

    Thanks NEJ! Methinks we’d get along just fine..

    Double thanks MSSC54! It does look a bit suspect, doesn’t it? Probably b/c it’s the second of 2 large heads of Chinese cabbage. Good stuff, but we’re not exactly eating it everyday.. though we SHOULD!

    OOoh Kerri, that blueberry milk is DIVINE. The yellow is banana flavored, though I’ve yet to try it. Smiling Hill Farm is just a stone’s throw away. They have tours – or maybe just a ice cream stand.. I forget. But I’ll have to check it out soon. Their stuff is YUMMY!

  6. i love the idea of a CSA…i don’t know if we have one around here…

    as for your fridge–WOW–it looks like a grocery store in there. the blue milk is a bad scene but the idea is tempting. i drink pink milk–strawberry by nesquick. ahem.

    thanks for playing along…you’re such a sport!

  7. You have a very neat & tidy fridge. Separating milk is not so good though. I’ve never heard of blueberry milk before. Nice black fridge, ours is just plain old boring white

  8. Oh, a black fridge! I want one! It would look so amazing in my red, black and white kitchen. Perhaps your landlord would buy you a new one if you shipped me that one. I need to wash the shelves of mine. Too much sticky watermelon in there lately.

  9. I have black things in my fridge, does that count?

    Yoplait is cool. I miss Odwalla most about US fridge-based foodstuffs. Their Blueberry B Monster was great. Can’t get that over here, can’t get blueberries full stop actually, except in muffins in Starbucks but that doesn’t count.

    I liked Buzzard Bay beer too. American beer gets a bad name from the likes of Bud and Coors and rubbish like that, but there’s great beer in America. Not as good as Europe in this case, but not as bad as they say.

  10. Hey Christie! I was idly surfing the web and looked you up — and came across a blog post where you wanted Price Chopper salt-free peanut butter??? Now I can’t find the post, but I got you some in upstate NY – for all I know the post was dated long ago and your problem has been solved. Whatever. If you want a jar of peanut butter send me your addy!

  11. SO yesterday I replied to umpteen comments and my computer froze and I lost everything. Aren’t apples supposed to NOT DO THIS??! Anyway – here goes again..

    CURLY BABE __ HOW I MISS THEEE! You have probably long stopped checking this blog, BUT I did get your text msg the other night (late – of course — sorry!) Cannot WAIT till you come to Portland. You my dear are gonna LOVE this house!! 250-270 yrs young and filled to the brim w/ character. It is simply amazing. Hope all is well. xoxo PS: You can find a local CSA HERE for next season. Good luck babe!

    Daff – I would LOVE to see your fridge!! Is it tiny like the ones on Eastenders??

    Heyya Zhisou! Yes – why is that? I know we Americans do tend towards gluttony, but don’t Europeans like to eat?!

    Same question to you Tony — is your fridge teensy>>?

    Hey Trace – I am jealous of your brand spanking new RED kitchen! Though my counters are a lovely red.. my “new” kitchen is original 50s.. It is adorable, though the appliances are a little small for our needs. The oven itself is the size of a large microwave. Not sure how much baking I’ll be able to do w/ it, but the pie I made as a test run came out well. WOOT.

    Yes Sammy – yoplait is indeed delish — though it’ll never capture my heart quite like my beloved Stonyfield Farm!

    Zhisou – WHAT is black in your fridge>> and is it expired like my white blue milk?! I feel sorry for you about the lack of blueberries, now that we are living in blueberry land I appreciate them more than ever. PS: Portland has some AMAZING beer!

    Laura, my love, I am sorry but Beets are simply REVOLTING!! Too bad you live too far – I would happily send them straight over to your place. They are “coming up” on our CSA menu, again, and I am NOT looking forward to them. at ALL. ughhh

    HEY JEN!! Got the PB – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! YOU are an amazingly wonderful friend. Happy almost anniversary!!! xoxo

  12. Dish, yes, we overeat in Europe too. Our kids are getting fat too – it’s not just in America.

    There is nothing really black in my fridge – chorizo is dark red – that’s nearly black. Does that count? I like American beer, at least the good stuff, not Bud etc.

  13. Morning Zhisou! Sorry to hear about the kids.. and the almost-black sausage. I am not into sausage (mostly b/c it tends towards salt lick) but I have heard chorizo is tasty. My kids & husband all adore breakfast sausage. I cooked some the other night for them and our whole 1st flr smelled like IHOP for a day. YUM!

  14. Just to be clear, my kids aren’t fit – just other people’s.

    Chorizo isn’t really a sausage in the breakfast sense, it’s a cured meat. Very tasty, especially when cooked with red wine or cider, although it’s great just plain with slices of cheese too.

    American breakfasts are rubbish. Sorry, but they are. Every other meal is great, but breakfast … yeugh

  15. Thanks for the wonderful comments you shared on my blog. I’m glad you had a wonderful 4th of July vacation with your family. Is that going to be in your future post? I would love to read about it. Going back to the fridge, I admire the children’s works posted outside the door and the left side. Looks like you guys eat healthy stuff( veggies, grapes, etc). the ice cream looks yummy. My family is into ice cream too. The smiling hill flavored milk sounds tasty. the blueberry I would like to try. Thanks for sharing.

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