16 thoughts on “You can take the girl outta Philly, but…

  1. You know you could put some eye-balls in the loops for the “l”s and it woul look like a big ol smile. 🙂

    I bet you could make a bumper sticker like that and sell a bunch of them. Ten percent of the proceeds to the idea guy is customary.


  2. Natalie. speaking of PACKING IT IN..

    Thank you Zhisou. and I’m sorry to hear that.

    Oh Natalie, I thought you were packing. it. IN. NOT OUT __ NOT SHOUTING. we still have another game. goodness – what are you going to be like after that? Are you going toplesssss/??

    Oh Tony, of course. I am rooting for all the pretty female horses of the world. Gather round me my pets. Mommas taking you home. Wihhhinnnnnyy. And I know Juuusst where to send all their droppings.. Ooooooohh CUUURRRLLLYYY…


    1. Someone told me that their friend’s sister’s ex-boyfriend’s daughter’s mother’s uncle works for the Secret Service and he said that William Jefferson Clinton ordered the Yankees to lose so they could bring the game back to the Bronx so he could go to the game and see all the hot baseball chicks.

      Anyway that’s what I heard… pretty much from the horse’s mouth.



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