11 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2009!!

  1. I dressed up as a grumpy person and sat on the Internet and refused to answer the door. I think that’s really getting into character and I should be applauded.

    My daughters dressed as witches, ate cake and had a great time at a party. I think they’re better at this than I am.


  2. Thanks Hayden! Hope you & Chris had a GOTHtastic Halloween!

    Tracie – don’t be modest – you ARE GOOOD. I would never encourage anyone in the folly that is gambling (except perhaps myself) but if a pair of big dice is saying anything it’d probably be Take it to VEGAS. xo

    Thank you Nat! Should we say the same about my taste in FRIENDS??

    Oh My Goodness Zhisou! I didn’t know you’d moved to my neighborhood! Either that, or you have a whole heap of curtain cowering comrades here in Portland. PS: Glad your girls had fun!

    Thanks Bouncy babe. PS: My house tells me I can’t call you that anymore. He checked YES. Does that mean you’re an item?

    Thanks Connie & S. Le!! Hope you both had a wonderful weekend.


  3. Well, if you break up I can start calling you BB again. Till then, I promised to change it strictly to Steph. Or Stephanie if we’re feeling formal. Otherwise, no weirdness. I know better than to take sides. Just remember when you two are feeling frisky, keep it covered. There are children around.



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