8 thoughts on “Leaf peeping (but mostly raking)

  1. Honey, honey! Have I taught you nothing? Do as Husbandito did last week–dial up THE PEOPLE–and POOF! The leaves are all gone!

    Hahaha. We had so many leaves on our yard and driveway that I was parking on the lawn for two days without even realizing it!!!! Now the lawn is all clean and pretty and we were free to spend the weekend frolicking!

    Mwa ha ha!

  2. Looks like a lot of work but time well spent. It’s a good excuse to be outdoors as well. I don’t rake much but use a leaf blower and lawn tractor, but then we live in a woods and I’d be raking till my arms fell off and I need those for blogging! Your efforts show. Beautiful! Is that the log cabin Lincoln lived in?

  3. Do you get to have bonfires with the leaves? the raking is worth it if you get to do the jumping and the burning. I see your daughter has the jumping covered. (Love that photo).

  4. Thanks everyone! Finally in from the yard – though there’s still more to do. Tomorrow’s supposed to be cooler.. we’ll see. So far, so good.

    Kate, we are doing our best to fill in the ravine – hah! Sooo glad it’s there.

    Curly babe – The People are for the childless, the rich & the elderly. But we can’t all be doers – some have to teach! HAHAHAHHAHA (joking,,,) xoxo

    Gracias S.Le! Not Lincoln’s cabin – but our historic register paint inside is called “lincoln cottage lattice green” and I LOOOVE it!

    Hey Trace – Only have burned tiny amts of leaves in the chiminea. No bonfires yet – though the girls have enjoyed a couple at a friend’s house. Lucky! PS: I remembered you asked about the beehive oven. I asked John about it. he showed me – had to stick my head inside and look up. The brickwork is just like that – a beehive – he said it extended out the back, but it’s since been removed.

  5. The pruning looks successful. The last tree I pruned got totally ruined. I tend not to know when to stop. The tree has now gone to that big woodchipper in the sky

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