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  1. This reminds me of that episode of “The Twilight Zone” with the pig noses. When one of the girls stands too far away and starts to look “normal”, she actually ends up looking strange.


  2. yikes…it’s far to early to watch something as disturbing as that video!!! you people need to get some hobbies. mwa hahahah.

    in several shots you all looked like the kid from ‘mask’ (the movie with cher and eric stoltz). nicely done.

    ps. madison was severely cheated on air time–you and G were hogging the spotlight.

    1. Serves you right for reading blogs at 6 am when you should be sleeping!!! As for the hobbies – what do you think THIS IS??! (The kids being too young for battlestar galactica & wine, we have to do something together.)

      Thank you for the Eric Stoltz reference. I like him. Good to know I resemble a star.

      PS: Madison may have been cheated in this flick, but you should see the 586 others where she plays the starring role. That girl loves making movies!

      PPS: Did you send those booty pants to UM yet? She needs some distraction from the karaoke. *Shudder*

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