Caught in the act.

I’ve been hauling firewood the past hour.  EXHAUSTING WORK.  And no easier with 2 feet of snow on the ground.  I have to keep the puppy inside b/c our yard isn’t fenced and she has a tendency (read: compulsion) to run off after the turkeys.  So I come in this last trip and sense something weird is going on.  I hear Noises.  The puppy isn’t answering.  I grab my camera because I just know whatever she’s doing is bound to be bad.  I enter the dining room to find THIS.

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    1. TOTALLY busted. Roxy is just so naughty. You tell her NO! Then turn your back and she’s doing whatever it was you told her not to do. Give her an inch…

      The bench is still sitting there, as is. My husband came home and suggested we chop it up and stick it in the woodstove too. (At least he didn’t say the same about the dog.)

    1. You said it, girl. Roxy has no shame. She’ll eat out of the trash can right in front of you, then go over and rip the rug to shreds. I am hoarse from all the NOOOOO!!! I keep reminding myself this too shall pass… (not soon enough though!)

    1. Thanks GG. I loved that bench.. Guess it was nice while it lasted. I’m sure you know what I mean when I say – you have kids or pets, you can kiss your stuff goodbye. If it doesn’t get broken, or abused, it’ll simply disappear. Sigh…

    1. Yeah, Roxy hasn’t quite grasped the idea of “shame.” She does something bad and just stands there looking cute expecting a treat. I know she’s not a dingus (she’s only 5 mos and will learn these things) but sometimes I wish I had a more authoritarian personality. It’s hard being bad cop.

    1. The bench is toast. It was nice but would take far more effort to fix than it’s worth. John helped me drag it down to the basement yesterday. It wasn’t too hard – the thing broke right in half. 🙁

  1. Yikes! Either you had a fragile bench or Roxy is a big girl.
    Looks like you need to puppy-proof you house. I can just see the plants on your cute red stools taking a tumble.
    “Remember, you are the pack leader.” -Cesar Millan 🙂

    1. Yeah it wasn’t the most stable seat to begin with but Roxy saw to its quick demise.. She knocked one of those red stools over several weeks ago — I made such a fuss she hasn’t been near them since. I agree about pack leader. We are very quick to reprimand her for using teeth, for instance, and for jumping up. She knows she’s bottom of the heap but at only 5 mos she’s still trying (and managing) to get away with all sorts of STUFF>>>>

    1. Yep. I couldn’t figure out WHY she’d get up there – then I realized she must have been trying to watch me through the window. Too bad she didn’t realize I was on the OTHER SIDE of the house!! Sheesh.

  2. I love the sequence.
    “Hey look at this I broke it in half, what fun that was”
    “Uh-oh busted…”
    “Exit stage right!!!”
    She looks gorgeous. I had a Rotty many yeas ago & he was a beautiful dog.

    1. Tooty, the funny thing is – as big as Roxy is right now – she’s still SOOO TINY compared to our dog Max. I look at her and think, aren’t you gonna grow?? LOL

  3. How old are they when they are considered out of puppyhood? She appears to be totally busted and thinking well I am too cute for them to say mad for long…
    Our dog shredded a down filled comforter all over the yard…I had to reassure people that it was not an end of days biblical plague…and it only took about 4 hours to clean it all up!

  4. Connie, if the Eukanuba bag is any judge, they are puppy from birth until 24 mos. After that cuteness only goes so far. You poor thing, losing a comforter. Roxy shredded a pillow I made but that fiberfill is way easy to pick up.

    Hey TG – Roxy does look a bit like a bear and is stubborn like a goat. I hope she grows out of these other animals into a nice well behaved dog. One day..

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