LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A package arrived yesterday… WHAT COULD IT BE ?????!!!!!

OH MY GOOOODDNESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone who knows me knows I have been wanting a Dutch Oven for YEARS.  I even had the gall to put a request on this blog (Stuff I Would Like to Have).  My mom surprised me with one 3 Christmases ago but the lid was chipped and it had to be returned.  The money from the Dutch Oven then went to pay for boots for my older daughter – b/c that is how life goes.  But many thanks to my amazing friend Magdalen, I’m now the owner of a beautiful blue Le Creuset!!!!


PS: No give backs. Right?!

39 thoughts on “LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Of course no give backs. The whole I idea was to get rid of the thing.

    Don’t get me wrong — I love Le Creuset. You’d have to pry my cold, dead fingers away from the ones I use all the time. But the oval one was always the Ugly Duckling in my kitchen. When I say it’s very little used, trust me, I’m not kidding.

    In fact, I warned Christy several times that it was uh, petite — I made sure she saw it on a Le Creuset page (there are much bigger oval Dutch ovens…) and approved it before I sent it off. My thinking was: No give backs!!!!

    Now I get to see about a larger Le Creuset for myself…

    (Glad you like it, sweetie!)


    1. Ugly duckling, my @$$ !!!!!!!

      This lil blue baby is SmOKIN!

      Magdalen, you are too modest, generous and lovely for words. This Le Creuset is the most beautiful, to be cherished thing in my kitchen. I cannot thank you enough. (I had to include the photos – even w/out makeup & hairbrushing!! SORRY. LOL)


    1. Ain’t he gorgeous?!! YOU KNOW HE IS!! LOL

      HAH – so glad you like the pix, Myra! I just had to capture “the moment” — in retrospect I should have showered and gotten dressed but true love is so above appearances (right??) hahahah


    1. Red is gorgeous! And will look slamming in your new kitchen (hint to the hubs). Funny, I thought I wanted green (my favorite color) but this blue is sensational. I was washing the lid earlier and the paint gradation from rim to knob is so subtle, it’s stunning. I’m floored to call it my own. And I can’t believe I have such great friends. Magdalen, YOU ROCK !!!!


    1. Thanks GG!! Friends have recommended everything from braised lamb shanks, Pot roast, Baked beans, Short ribs and Osso Buco to a whole roasted chicken with veggies. MMMMmmmm!!!!

      But I of course went SWEET! I christened my beloved with a super pear & apple crisp- many thanks to my friend Stephanie’s suggestion above. I’m off to post the recipe on my (other) Daily Dish. Check it out later!!


  2. Wow, that IS GORGEOUS. I have been cyberlusting after one in turquoise but the dark blue is beeeeeeautiful. She is a spectacularly great friend!!!


  3. Well see I knew that list of stuff you wanted would come in handy some day 🙂 Lucky Girl!

    P.S. I have been making the cutest headbands…I think you and the girls would enjoy making and wearing them 🙂


  4. Great blue coloured one. We have a red one similar, my wife loves it. Must be a woman thing, to me it’s just a cooking implement, I’m more interested in the food that comes out of it



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