Animal Attraction

Yesterday, amid snow filled skies, a group of friends gathered to celebrate the union of two very much in love stuffed animals.

The Happy Couple
The Wedding Party
The Best Man

A marvelous time was had by all and the ceremony got me thinking about love.  Isn’t it amazing how two different species of stuffed animals can come together to form a perfect union?  I know some folks are really adamant about who can & cannot commit to one another, but really, who are we to judge the love a chickie can feel for a bunny, and vice versa?  Or, say. the attraction a Buffalo can feel for a Donkey?  Because surely you haven’t forgotten about MY FRISKY COOKIES??!

YES FRIENDS! hard to believe they’re STILL humping after all these years!!  (But not as hard for us as for that donkey.)

Click to relive the magic (really, just read the original blog posts)

December 2007.  Donkey & Buffalo find each other in a crowded tub of crackers.

January 2008.  Donkey & Buffalo remain “attached at the hip”

February 2011.  Three years later ….. and STILL GOING STRONG!

As if their long lasting interlocked state wasn’t evidence enough, I have further proof that the Donkey & Buffalo’s inter-species love is here to stay.  Dear reader. What I have to show you may be shocking, but remember, it is NATURAL.  Earlier this afternoon, when I fetched my animal crackers from their special box, they…. weren’t alone.


Animal Cracker —- OFFSPRING!!!!!!!!

The Donkey & Buffalo’s union has produced a (I don’t know what to call it) just in time for the grandaddy of all Love Ins, Valentine’s Day.  Though he looks a little funny, his legs are a bit twisted and he appears to be moving forward and backward simultaneously, you cannot dispute the look of sheer unbridled JOY on the (whatever it is)’s face.  DON’T JUDGE!!!!  LOVE CONQUERS ALL

SO.  To all you naysayers. I say PPpFFFFFFTTTTTT.

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  1. Wow, the donkalo (buffakey?) photobombing is SO. MUCH. BETTER. than mine. At first I just thought you had lecherously put one on top of the other, but when I saw that they’re actually fused together–well, someone at that animal cracker factory is either naaaaasty or just believes in free love.

    1. I was *this close* to adding your photo!! But I don’t have photoshop and it would have entailed me holding the cookie up the computer screen while snapping the picture one handed. I just couldn’t risk breaking the cookie. I will not even speak to the camera. Technically my kids broke my camera several weeks ago when they had friends sleeping over and no one has confessed yet. So now I am using my husband’s camera which is now my camera.

      PS: After I hit publish I looked at that last pic and SO wanted to stick the offspring in the bottom corner (like your seal photo — TOO FUNNY). Just not enough time in the day I tells ya…

      1. PS: You KNOW I still have it. They live in a box inside another box (I cannot be too careful) and I am serious when I say they produced the offspring shown above. I likely stuck that cookie in with them at some point (thinking wow here’s another malformed animal cracker, I must keep hold of) but it’s been so long I can’t remember doing it. I suppose it’s possible they really did have a cookie love child. Like hangers when the lights go out – they MULTIPLY.

  2. Congrats to the happy, ahem, couple. 🙂 May they hop and peep happily together forever.

    Hahaha! The cookie love child! Now that is funny!
    I like the creative name combos the others came up with, but I was thinking the mixed breed cookie would just be a “bonkey”.
    Now, I must go and read the blog about those frisky cookies.

    1. Tony, you are gonna have to wait in line for Best Man Hammie. Two of my girl friends are already duking it out over him. He’s quite the stud.

      PS: Donkalo is good, but I like Bonkey best.

  3. That offspring reminds me of the retarded white tiger, which I swear you should not Google, because it’s way too upsetting, but you also kind of have to Google it. It’s like a car wreck.

    That picture of the best man is truly perfection. His in-focus nose just makes him seem so real.

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