Name that cabinet!

Late last Sunday we decided to go to the thrift shop and look around.  Within 5 minutes I’d spied a sweet looking cabinet. My husband & I liked it – but no price tag.  I summoned the guy from the back, who came out & marked it $7.99.


The knobs are new – we bought replacements at Home Depot for ~$25.  Still a pretty sweet cabinet for $33 total.  My only question?  WHAT THE HECK IS IT?

The top looks a lot like a changing table, but the drawers overhang the space and I’ve never seen any changing table like that before.  I have seen potters benches or gardening tables that look similar, but it’s in very good shape for that function.  It’s not old old, but not new either, and it’s very sturdy & heavy.

SOOO.. Any thoughts??  I’m putting it out to the world, hoping someone will know precisely what this is.  Till then, I’m just calling it my lucky cabinet.

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  1. Hmm… I’m not sure, either but it does look very nice! The finish seems to work perfectly with your floors, too! What a find, Dishy!
    (I really like your symmetrical red plant stools, by the way – great idea!) 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Inky – I agree it looks really nice w/ the floors. And I’m so glad you like the red stools too. My husband does NOT feel quite the same way.. LOL!

  2. Yes, my thoughts are: It’s a Cabinet used in the 1800’s in a gentleman’s (or woman’s) bedroom. The wash basin and pitcher inside the protected area, the toiletries in the sliding drawers, towels and linens below. What a lovely piece. You had an antique angel looking out for you this day! Wonderful find!

    1. I know, I feel so lucky! The guy at the store said it’d come in just an hour before. Cha-CHING! 😀 Thanks so much for the description. So nice knowing what the cabinet was meant for.

    1. Katie, my husband read your comment yesterday and started cracking up!

      The guy at the store was very nice and I think he just liked us in general. He even offered to carry the cabinet out to the truck w/ John. These Maine-uhs are A+ in my book!

    1. Hah! Thanks Tori — and while I have you here, I’ve been wanting to check out your blog, but the few times I’ve tried to load it – it crashed my browser!! WHAT pray tell are you doing over there??!! LOL

  3. I vote dry sink and what a deal. Knowing your luck it is probably worth $$$ perfect size for the space…serendipity I tells ya!

  4. I thought it looked like a stand for a wash basin, too.
    Very nice looking cabinet, though, whatever it really is. And a fantastic price.

    1. Thanks Binky!! I am loving it too. I’ve yet to put anything on it, but I think my husband’s put some board games inside. Perhaps on my next thrift shop visit I will be gifted w/ a pewter wash basin & pitcher?

  5. chesshirecat has it right. Everything chesshirecat explained is what I learned on Antiques Roadshow. Today we use it mostly like a sidebar in our kitchens for extra storage and a good place to display pewter or use to drop mail/mittens into the sink area. Kate

  6. What a rare find. I don’t know what it is but it looks antique and really beautiful. It’s perfect between the 2 red stools with potted plants on top . I agree with the name Lucky Cabinet. It’s an excellent addition to your home. There’s harmony and balance on how your arranged everything all together. You have a designers eye. Great post and pictures. love it!

    1. Hah! I have found some truly remarkable things over the years, but I’ve spent as many treasure hunting sessions coming home empty handed. or worse, bringing home JUNK. Ahhhh…


  7. You know what… I’ve no clue what it is but it would be perfect for Andrea to put the Degu cage on….tray to catch all the sawdust they throw around… draws to put the degu clutter in and it would be the tidiest thing in her room! Send it over! :o)

    1. Daff – I feel your pain. Between the guinea pigs, rats & hamsters, we have an ever-present layer of wood shavings over everything.. the floor. The stairs. the carpet. and…

  8. Well I am late and you have very responsive readers! It definitely is a dry sink and you lucked out; we bought one similar down here in Salem for $160 last Fall!

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