Pass the Mike.

You might not know this about me, but years ago I worked as a recorder for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  And by recorder, I don’t mean the musical instrument “played” by 3rd graders.  I mean recorder, as in someone paid to attend important meetings at classy hotels, tape closed-door conversations, and later transcribe every salacious detail.  As far as jobs go, a real peach.

So what?  Who cares!  What does being a recorder have to do with this post?!  WELL.  Are you reading this on your smart phone?  YES?  Then please take a second to scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Great!  Now, see that comment box?  I want you to try to leave a comment, but instead of typing, hit the little microphone icon that pops up on your keyboard instead.  It looks like this:


Behold the future of recording!  A (mostly) hassle-free marvel of modern technology.  No big box to lug around.  No metal microphone.  And best of all, LOOK MA!  NO HANDS.  Voice recognition software so astute it can even punctuate for you.  At least when told to do so.  Right?  Right!

Remember my upcoming road trip?  The one I’m going on next week??  Well, on my road trip, I really want to stay in touch.  Especially with my family, who might be missing me and feeling like they’re missing out.  But being lazy and laptop-less, staying constantly connected could prove a challenge.

Enter MAGIC MIKE!  With a mere touch of the button, I can transcribe entire blog posts in moments-!  And feel great about it too.  Oh yeahhhh.  Work it, baby.

My kids – Or maybe it was my husband? – suggested that I use the microphone.  I’d never even used it before, and WOW.  Even though I’ve stopped 736 times to change, fix, speed up, or slow down my thoughts for clarity in this blog post – and ultimately had to retype most of it by hand, on my cell phone, with two fingers (technically a finger and a thumb), that’s really so much better, isn’t it?

Till next week friends.

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  1. I was involved in a (not at fault) MVA, in November 2013.

    Two weeks ago I underwent a (nearly) four hour deposition!

    The third grade music girl had a little device that looked like an upgraded oxygen mask she held over her face as she recorded the entire deposition.

    I just received my hard copy this week.

    Fun times.

    Technology. Bleh!

    1. Wow, that’s fascinating! I just looked up “transcriber face mask” to see what you meant and WEIRD. It makes me wonder – was she simply repeating everything you said, and having the machine transcribe it word for word, or what?? And if so, why didn’t they simply strap the mask on YOUR Face and save her the trouble?? QUESTIONS.

  2. As a child in the 50s and 60s, I loved the technology if the day, and after studying physics, I was up to my neck in it. Had the very early Motorola ‘brick’ mobile phone. Now in my 70s, getting move confused with the modes of communication, texting (now seems to be called messaging), FB Messenger, e-mailing, Skype, with Skype Messenger, and Skype Video recorded messages, WhatsApp, phone-message recording……why don’trwe just pick up the phone and chat?

    my loveliest piece of technology was when I built my own ‘crystal set’ in the late 50s……..if you don’t know what that was , you can Google it!

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