Yesterday, late morning.  We stopped at the supermarket on the way to a friend’s house and as I had a lizard on my shoulder and the dog in the car, my daughter kindly offered to run in.

We parked in a spot surrounded by empty spaces, and while she was exiting the car a vehicle zoomed in beside us – ALMOST HITTING HER!  It was clear the driver hadn’t seen her and hadn’t been looking.  But instead of registering shock, shame, or horror at the act of almost running someone over, the driver glared at us both and screamed out the window.  WATCH OUT!  WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING!  Before fast forwarding into the empty spot ahead.

Not only had this man NOT apologized, he acted as though WE had done something wrong!  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHH!!!  No of course it’s not funny.  What kind of freaking madman almost hits a child, and then pretends she is in the wrong.  That’s insane.  And so I informed him of his error in judgment by doing the only responsible thing.  By yelling out the window.  YOU ARE THE DRIVER.  SHE IS A PEDESTRIAN.  YOU ARE THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO WATCH OUT!!

Shaken, my daughter walked around to the back of our car, got a bag out of the trunk, and went into the store.  While I sat watching the driver exit his car, turn to glare at me once more and then proceed to call me (oh yes) “a mouth.”

WHAT AM I??  FIVE?!!  Not only did this man think he was totally justified in almost running my daughter down, but he firmly believed that by MY SAYING SOMETHING I deserved to be cut down and reprimanded as though I was a naughty, disrespectful child.

But he didn’t stop there.  Oh no.  He then proceeded to do this:

Make the tsk-tsk “shame on you” finger motion.  While ordering me to “SHUSH. SHUSH. SHUSH. SHUSH.”  Four times.  I counted.

At this point, I basically gave up.  It was either leap bodily from my car and grab him by the shoulders to shake some sense into his diseased mind, or just sit and yell TWAT.  And since I couldn’t do the former (without risk of arrest), I did the latter.  Much to my chagrin.  I’m not proud of calling an arrogant man something so lovely.  But it’s what came out.

The man walked into the store.  And while I sat waiting for my daughter I took a photo.

If you can’t see clearly, it’s a black Ford Fusion hybrid with a Maine plate that reads SKYGAS.  I’m not sure what that means.  I will applaud this man and his comrades for their service (it’s a veteran’s plate) but I will NOT say I’m proud to have met him.  Because he acted deplorably.

When he returned from his shopping (I believe he bought some prunes) he placed his bag in the backseat and poignantly turned to glare at me once more, shake his head, and cluck his tongue.  Whereas others would’ve offered an apology, SKYGAS stayed true to his arrogance.  He pulled from his parking spot, being careful this time to look both ways, and departed.

And so I write this, dear reader.  Much like my previous post, The Way You Drive Speaks Volumes, think of this as Part 2.  The way you ACT and drive speaks volumes, too.  You can pretend your guilt away, you can blame others for your wrongdoing.  But if you almost hit someone, you’re at fault.  And if you REALLY run someone over, you’re likely going to jail.

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    1. The worst thing about this whole awful event was that SKYGAS believed himself 100% RIGHT. It was his pomposity, arrogance, false righteousness that bothered me so much. His utter contempt for me and my daughter, whom he could have seriously injured, was disturbing. Seriously disturbing. It frightens me that people go through life believing they are always right. SKYGAS needs help.

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