Happy New Year!  Happy NEW YEAR!!!!~**!!!**~!!! !!!  I would bang pots and pans, but I’m too busy TYPING.  SO.  2018!!  You’re here!  The year I’ve been dreaming of the past 18 years has finally arrived and I’m both giddy and nostalgic. 18 years since I made my first human.  18 years and I’ll soon be the owner of an adult!

Do you know how cool it is to have a grown up child?  AND STILL GET CARDED?>?>???!!  I know my husband says it’s just store policy. BUT when I go to the supermarket to buy wine and they’re all like “Hey, can I see some ID?” And I’m like ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?  I’m 45 years old standing next to a bald man, DO I LOOK 20??!  And they’re like “YES.”  And I’m like, “OH DEAR LORD THANK YOU.” I don’t HAVE to ask “Is this store policy?” NO.

My older daughter turns 18 in 2 months.  This year is, I’m not gonna say HUGE, but- it’s big.  I’ve spent my whole life the past 18 years being a full-time momma knowing ONE DAY ONE DAY the commitment would pay off – and now it’s here and I’m doing a happy dance and I’m LIKE HOLY CRAP.  YESSSSSSSSSS!!!  The late nights cleaning up puke, the mornings searching for lost mittens, the crazy ass moments I’ve shared here and relived a thousand times because they are still happening daily even though my kids are now TEENAGERS and WHAT THE HELL, ladies?  Why can’t you find your black leggings when I washed and put them in your room – I mean that closet is a g-damn mess, WHY is your lizard without water – and you’re gonna burn the house down with that incense!  WAIT- sorry, that was mine..

The truth is parenthood never ends.  It just evolves.  And even though I am STOKED to have an 18 year old, it’s not really the end of an era.  My daughters and I are still as close as ever, still sitting on each others laps, still stealing each others socks.  And even when they’re out on their own, making ME crockpot chili, while I’m bringing over the wine (that STILL GETS ME CARDED. OH DEAR LORD PLEAAASSSSEE.) it’ll be different-but the same.

That said, things are a-changing.  Because my older daughter has APPLIED TO COLLEGE!!!!!  YESS!!!!  Which schools I cannot tell you bc I asked and she said NO WAY MOMM NO YOU MAY NOT SHARE YOU BETTER NOT.  But, I can say- PROUD MOMMA & PAPA.  (YES!)

So, 2018.  What is in store?  Who knows.  But one thing is for certain.  I will still be clogging.  I mean, blogging.  BUT. wait. Clogging sounds… COOL. I mean.. (*quick google search*) YES.  CLOG DANCING LESSONS ONLINE- for FREE!  K folks – TTYS!!  Happy New Year!  XO

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  1. Awww. Thanks for the BIG smile; I love your spirit. In 2017 I became the GRANDMA of a full-fledged adult (actually just a month ago) and my oldest daughter turned 40 a week ago. Those milestones felt important and huge. But at 59 in a few days I no longer get carded! Happy New Year!!

    1. Hahahah that is AWESOME, Katie! Congratulations on many many jobs well done, and on hitting and enjoying the milestones along the way. You may not be getting carded but you are WAAAAY youthful for a g-mom and eternally so in spirit. LOVE YA BABE!! Happy happy new year! and HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY! May 59 be your best year yet. XO

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