I ❤️ Technology

Dear Diary,

Today I am writing to you on my iPhone, and instead of complaining about the tediousness of typing thoughts with two fingers (technically one finger and a thumb), I will instead marvel at the wonders of technology. How amazing is a smart phone?? I mean, I can watch The Walking Dead, post on my blog, take photos, talk — via text, voice, or video to people anywhere in the world, and even look up ways to get rid of cat pee smell. And it fits IN MY HAND. I am so very grateful to live in this cyber age.

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Dear Diary (The Pilot)

A few days ago, I decided to start keeping a diary.  I didn’t actually write anything down (I was binge-watching The Walking Dead at the time), but I made the decision.  The next day I meant to start writing, but I’d gotten to the part where Rick comes back from “the dead” and that SOB Shane was making me so mad I couldn’t, and before I knew it, it was time for bed.  Yesterday I meant to open my little journal, pen in hand, but then Lori apologized to Shane, so I knew he wasn’t long for this world.  And sure enough, BLAMMO!  So today is the day.  Diary time!

I was going to get out the little notebook I keep in my purse, but then I remembered.  Wait.  I have a blog!  Maybe I could use that.  I mean, I never write anymore, and it’s not like anyone reads this.  So here goes.

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