Dear Diary (The Pilot)

A few days ago, I decided to start keeping a diary.  I didn’t actually write anything down (I was binge-watching The Walking Dead at the time), but I made the decision.  The next day I meant to start writing, but I’d gotten to the part where Rick comes back from “the dead” and that SOB Shane was making me so mad I couldn’t, and before I knew it, it was time for bed.  Yesterday I meant to open my little journal, pen in hand, but then Lori apologized to Shane, so I knew he wasn’t long for this world.  And sure enough, BLAMMO!  So today is the day.  Diary time!

I was going to get out the little notebook I keep in my purse, but then I remembered.  Wait.  I have a blog!  Maybe I could use that.  I mean, I never write anymore, and it’s not like anyone reads this.  So here goes.

Dear Diary,

As this is my first entry, I don’t want to set the bar too high.  So instead of pretending I did something wildly exciting, like ???!!!!, I’ll just state truthfully.  Today I researched toasters.  I was assigned the task because our cheapie toaster almost burned the house down a few weeks ago, and because we kept on using it — unplugging it between uses of course, we’re not idiots — last night the side of it melted.  So this morning we made sure to hit the “bagel” setting before putting it in the trash.  After breakfast I googled “best toaster” and read what came up.  Turns out there’s not much difference between a $15 toaster and a $150 one.  Pricier models might be prettier, have extra buttons and electronics that raise and lower the toast for you, and sure, they might not almost burn the house down, or melt into a big white shrinky dink, but for ten times less you can still make toast.  So I went to Target.  I settled on a basic black Sunbeam toaster, on sale for $11.  I haven’t used it yet, but am leaving it unplugged for now, just in case.  If it ignites on first use, I will return.

With the extra money I saved on a new cheapie toaster, I bought rice crispies fixings for Georgia.  Yesterday she was hounding me for cereal to make them, but because we were at BJ’s, I said Snap, Crackle, No.  I don’t even like Rice Krispies.  No way I’m getting stuck with a jumbo two-pack of the stuff.  Now that she’s melted her mallows and cemented together a pan of popped air, she is happy.  And I am getting bonus points for being a thoughtful momma.  WIN.

The window guy came this morning.  Roxy our Rottweiler was a little wary at first, but after a good crotch sniff assessed that he was okay.  Sometimes I think dogs know something we don’t.  While he worked, I baked gingersnaps.  It was a new recipe, and the dough looked sort of suspect – loose and goopy.  After baking, the cookies appear fine, and better yet, taste perfect.  Which leads me – once again – to seriously ponder the chemistry of baking.  It’s crazy that you can scoop something akin to droopy taffy onto a pan, heat it up, and make perfectly solid cookies.  I never cease to marvel at the magic of cooking.

Speaking of which, I have to go make dinner.  Talk to you (hopefully) soon.



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  1. A not a-typical diary entry for me (excluding the reference to making meals). I’ve kept a diary from 1958, and they were all piled in a box in the loft for our children tlo probably burn when I pop my clogs. So decided I would make them more readable by shortening each year to 6 A4 pages. Hard work and only finishing off 1986…so a while to go!

    1. Wow. What a huge undertaking! Best of luck with it, Harry. I hope your kids cherish it. Or you do, at the very least. Heheh

      I spent 6 weeks in Philly this summer and kept a little diary – just a few jots per day, what I did, who I saw, etc. Rereading it brought the experience back to life, and made me want to continue. The blog seems a logical way of keeping a diary. We’ll see if i make it past the pilot. 😉

  2. Dear Dishy’s Diary–

    I read you! I do think a blog is a kind of diary–more edited, more polished. But I have always been afraid of journaling–what is in my brain is not entirely for public consumption!


    1. YAY! Two people are still reading this blog! And lovely folks to boot! Made my day. :))

      Not much has happened yet to write about, though I did have some weird dreams last night. I’ll see what I can come up with. Heheh

  3. Good on you for blogging again! I’m trying to convince myself to do so as well. I also tried blogging on my mobile but find it tiresome. I hope you don’t. It’s great to see you here and read your adventures.

    1. Mobile blogging is definitely tedious. But as I’m gearing up for my road trip, I think of it as necessary practice. Otherwise this blogging thing is totally out the window! Now, off to read your new post. 🙂

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