And the LUCKY WINNER of the bracelet is…

RUBY!  Chosen by the highly scientific picking-it-out-of-a-hat method.  Many thanks to the lovely John for his assistance, and to everyone else for entering and/or commenting and making me feel SUPER DEE DUPER.  I know I’ve said it before – but really, can it ever be said too much??  My friends are the BEST.

Happy weekend to you all!!

Finding the perfect jeans.

SO.  There I was, minding my own business, walking home w/ my family.  We’re strolling down Baltimore Ave, as we are wont to do, when I spy a box on the edge of the sidewalk.  FREE STUFF.  As I never miss a bargain let alone a freebie, I mosey over and take a peek.  The box was small w/ just a few t-shirts sticking out the side, but right there on top was a pair of jeans.  Hmm.  They looked good.  New even.  Ignoring my husband who told me I was going to get fleas – or WORSE – I snatched them right up.  While John stood watching and yelling at Maddie to PUT DOWN THAT T-SHIRT, I unfurled the jeans.  WOW.  Abercrombie & Fitch low rise flares. Sweeeeet.  And not only were they new, but they were NEW! AND also just happened to be my size.  My EXACT Size.  SHA-ZAM!!!  At 5-10 I have a tough time finding pants long enough when I’m actually shopping and paying real money for them – but to find a perfect pair of $80 jeans just sitting there for the taking….??!   I TOLD YOU I WAS LUCKY.

As soon as we got home I shot to the bathroom to try them on.  I couldn’t BELIEVE IT.  Even after I zippered them up and took a gander in the mirror.  I marveled at my good fortune.  Finding the perfect jeans.  Literally.  What are the chances??  And yet, If I’d followed my husband’s warning about CONTRACTING A COMMUNICABLE DISEASE these plums would’ve passed me by.  If I gave a crap what other people thought of me as I trash picked, I would have missed a GRAND OPPORTUNITY.  Not to wax too philosophical on the point, BUT

Life is what you make it.  DON’T LOSE OUT.

Bracelet Giveaway! ENTER TO WIN.

THE PHONE LINES ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN. To make up for the fact that I’ve been AWOL I am offering you all the chance to WIN a FREE BRACELET.

This lovely item was handmade by yours truly out of imported glass beads.  It features an array of bedazzling shapes & colors w/ silver spring clasp closure.

Funky. Fun. Unique.

If you want to WIN this bracelet, just leave a comment below stating that I am great & you missed me tons.  If you have trouble w/ this, pretend.  But remember, SINCERITY COUNTS.  If no one enters, I will keep the bracelet and wear it myself and stop blogging altogether.


PS: I will be taking entries until this FRIDAY (Sept. 12th) and will select the lucky winner at midnight (or before I go to bed, whichever comes first).  Selection will be random.  Unless I decide otherwise.  GOOD LUCK.

Comment to WIN FREE BOOKS!!!!!

The story:

I have inherited a whole boatload of pristine paperbacks from my sister.
She was moving, I was trying to be nice. She favors fiction, I like cookbooks.

The end.

Except now I have four boxes full of books I know I am never ever going to read. They are perched on one of our already-overstuffed bookcases and I am tired of dusting them. These books are lonely and long to be held. I have decided to do like my friend Curly, and turn this situation into a super fun CONTEST! From now until they’re gone, I will offer these books to a lucky winner – three at a time.

UP FOR GRABS in this inaugural contest:

1) The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank
2) A Ship Made of Paper by Scott Spenser
3) Little Children by Tom Perrotta

I cannot vouch for any of these books – I have not read them personally, but all 3 are in super shape, read only once by my smarty pants sister, and are now looking for a new good home. If you would like them, then please comment below. Entries will be taken through the holiday weekend to give people a chance to enter, and I will select the lucky winner via random number generator first thing Tuesday, May 27th. Good luck & many thanks!