Bracelet Giveaway! ENTER TO WIN.

THE PHONE LINES ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN. To make up for the fact that I’ve been AWOL I am offering you all the chance to WIN a FREE BRACELET.

This lovely item was handmade by yours truly out of imported glass beads.  It features an array of bedazzling shapes & colors w/ silver spring clasp closure.

Funky. Fun. Unique.

If you want to WIN this bracelet, just leave a comment below stating that I am great & you missed me tons.  If you have trouble w/ this, pretend.  But remember, SINCERITY COUNTS.  If no one enters, I will keep the bracelet and wear it myself and stop blogging altogether.


PS: I will be taking entries until this FRIDAY (Sept. 12th) and will select the lucky winner at midnight (or before I go to bed, whichever comes first).  Selection will be random.  Unless I decide otherwise.  GOOD LUCK.

16 thoughts on “Bracelet Giveaway! ENTER TO WIN.

  1. “If no one enters, I will keep the bracelet and wear it myself and stop blogging altogether.”

    That’s just blackmail!

    Anyway, I’m not entering, but I DID miss you and love you lots!!

  2. You are stupendously wonderful and you were very much missed! And the bracelet is almost as perfectly unique as you are!

    Didn’t your Momma ever tell you not to fish for compliments? LOL!

  3. to quote you: HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You are fabulous and love you bunches and bunches.
    Since I’ve already received a fabulous gift from you I will just leave compliments oh lovely one and you may bestow the groovy bracelet on another worthy soul!

  4. I missed you Dishy and you are great. 😀

    I enjoy your tales of adventure with the fabulous photography that often time accompanies them. 🙂

    Your contests are fun too. 😉

    Welcome back. :mrgreen:

  5. You wouldn’t dare stop blogging… would you??
    What has there been… 2 posts in the past month?? Come on, we need more– especially now that I have homework, and need distractions!

  6. You have got to be kidding me!

    You mean you made this… yourself? No way!

    Just look at the master craftman ship used. I mean look at the way the various shapes and colors are co-mingled. Each one placed to affect the beauty of the one next to it. Just awesome.

    And that section of concrete you used to stage this photo… BRILLIANT!

    Surely you had this photograph done professionally. Right? 🙂

  7. Aw, Christy, you know we luv ya! Haven’t we been telling you enough lately? Sorry… we luv ya bunches and bunches. That is truly a beautiful bracelet too, by the way. I think Daffy should have it to go with her necklace… (and if we have to keep blogging, so do you!)

  8. EXCELLENT COMMENTS EVERYONE!!! You should all be awarded A+ commendations from the Dept of Sucking Up. WELL DONE.

    I am assuming you men want this bracelet as a token of affection for your wives. It is a goodly size, but I do not think it will fit on your man wrists. Just checking.

    Daff — I think it would look terrific w/ your necklace. GOOD LUCK.

    Ruby, you ROCK! GOOD LUCK.

    Hayden, what can I say.. Not your best sucking up but you do have other things on your mind. Just remember, blackmail will get you EVERYWHERE. (Or at least somewhere different..) Sort of.

    Cheryl, you are simply STUPENDOUS! Great sucking up. PS: My momma did teach me that but I must have momentarily forgotten. Oh well. GOOD LUCK!

    Connie, HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!! You are too sweet – thank you & hope you are enjoying your necklace.

    THANKS SPIDEY! It makes me happy knowing I provide such entertainment for all. GOOD LUCK.

    Hey Laura! Don’t worry, it was an idle threat, made purely for my own amusement. I am too much of a blabberfingers to quit blogging now.

    Mr. Mssc54, YOUR BEST COMMENT YET! Truly well constructed and (may I say) unbelievably gracious. MUCHAS GRACIAS! & GOOD LUCK.

    Panny, me no stopppie bloggie baby. Donchu worrie. xo

    Trace, Always the sweetie-pie. THANK YOU – and I will add DAFFY’S name to the hat twice at your behest.

    Maddie, GOOD LUCK. Which really means KEEP DREAMING SISTER. It’s too big for you anyway! I’ll make one just your size – just for YOU. But not today, so don’t start bugging me. Love ya! xoxoxo

  9. Dish; just for the record, yes I would like the bracelet for my wife.

    As far as the comments go…. I truly meant every one of them.

    Even as I sleep I see many of these bracelets worn by royalty all over the world. That bracelet (in my dreams) was worn by Evana Trump at one of those fancy parties she spends too much money on.

    Really, honestly, no kidding. 😉

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