And the LUCKY WINNER of the bracelet is…

RUBY!  Chosen by the highly scientific picking-it-out-of-a-hat method.  Many thanks to the lovely John for his assistance, and to everyone else for entering and/or commenting and making me feel SUPER DEE DUPER.  I know I’ve said it before – but really, can it ever be said too much??  My friends are the BEST.

Happy weekend to you all!!

12 thoughts on “And the LUCKY WINNER of the bracelet is…

  1. Yay, RUBY!

    You have so many friends because you are awesome and generous and amazing and awesome. (Yes, SO AWESOME I had to say it TWICE. Awesome to the infinite power!)

    Anyway, love you and I mean it.

  2. Well done Ruby… enjoy the bracelet.. I hope it fits… and I hope you have something to wear with it that will enhance it’s beauty… No, no, I’m not bitter… or twisted. ;o)
    Well done Ruby and well done Dishy on being so wonderfully creative and clever and pretty and sweet… ;o)

  3. OOOooohhh you are all TOO GOOD to me==! Sorry for my prolonged absence.

    Ruby, I mailed your bracelet out two days ago via Priority Mail, so it should be reaching you any time now. Really hope you enjoy it!! Congratulations again.

    Mssc54, The way I am going, I’ll have to do a contest once a month to retain readership! Good luck next time.

    Hayden, you ROCK. I feel so *loved*. Right back atcha. xoxo

    Thanks Spidey – very gentlemanly of you.

    Thank you, Panny babe! xo

    To Tracie, a true SLOB through & through! Cheers!

    Daff, you are too funny.. Don’t feel bad. I will put you in twice for the next drawing – let’s just hope it’s for something you actually WANT. 😉

    Shucks Connie, you are too sweet. xo

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