The Office

I know you’ve been wondering where I’ve been.  While I’d like to offer some excuse, I’d rather brag blog about our latest home improvement project!

[Insert loud applause]

Thank you, thank you.  Now.  To recap.  My husband & I bought ye olde village manse 10 months ago.  Maaaaaaany people had looked at this house before us, but turned tail & fled when they realized the amount of work it would require to maintain, let alone restore.  My husband & I (dreamers through & through) saw a shining gem of a colonial that with much polishing & SWEAT EQUITY could be Home (capital H).

When we moved in 10 months ago – and that alone is hard to believe, this was our office.

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When bad things happen to anchor worms – Good Fish SURVIVE!

It’s no small task recovering from parasitic anchor worms.


Unless you’re a wonderfish w/ a will to live stronger than superglue.  That’s RIGHT folks.  Blackie the brave is ALIVE & well!!

Just weeks ago, he was host to a legion of creepy crawlies so repulsive they’d likely do in lesser men.  He underwent treatment, consisting of primitive home surgery and three – maybe four rounds of soak in potassium permanganate (aka PURPLE DIP).  He has spent almost a month living in a tiny glass bowl, without companion or decorative pagoda.  But, today –

all better


Looking back over the past weeks I am astounded.  MOST PEOPLE WOULD HAVE FLUSHED HIM AFTER ALL.  But despite everything, Blackie has not just survived.  He has thrived.

The parasites?  Gone.  His gaping wounds, incapable of scabbing?  Healed.  If I hadn’t seen it w/ my own eyes, I’d hardly believe it.


In the immortal words of Winston Churchill:

Never never never give up.