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I know you’ve been wondering where I’ve been.  While I’d like to offer some excuse, I’d rather brag blog about our latest home improvement project!

[Insert loud applause]

Thank you, thank you.  Now.  To recap.  My husband & I bought ye olde village manse 10 months ago.  Maaaaaaany people had looked at this house before us, but turned tail & fled when they realized the amount of work it would require to maintain, let alone restore.  My husband & I (dreamers through & through) saw a shining gem of a colonial that with much polishing & SWEAT EQUITY could be Home (capital H).

When we moved in 10 months ago – and that alone is hard to believe, this was our office.

Okay. technically it wasn’t our office yet.  Although it may look spectacular in the photo (if you are standing reeeeeeaaaallly far away and squinting a lot), our office needed HELP (capital H).  For starters, it lacked a real floor.  Also the walls needed finishing and the original paneling and columns framing the fireplace needed attention.  Plus those curtains had to GO.  But you know what?  Once those curtains came down, the light came in even better than it had before.  Sure it made the room look even worse, but that only propelled us to complete our task more quickly.

So fast forward 10 months.  My husband and I – once we’d finished lining the chimney, installing a wood stove, tiling two bathrooms, renovating our dining room and after that, kitchen, cleaning out the basement and tackling the garden outside – we GOT TO WORK!  And lucky for us – we had just the right combination of craziness, vision, and tools necessary to complete the job.  Well, mostly just insanity and a few tools.  But we needed more.  Like flooring.  Good thing we’d invested in stunning, wide white pine from Carlisle wwaaaaaayy back in the fall, before all that OTHER work began.  (B/c we’d run out of money shortly thereafter.)  BUT Those floors were worth every penny! (*wink*)

So where was I?  Oh yes.  Many saner individuals had taken a look at this task and run away.  Whereas my husband & I tightened our belts even further and took that first step towards NEW OFFICE.  And I am so glad!  B/c now I am sitting in my beautiful new office, writing this post, while also reading a book AND simultaneously playing the piano!!  Rather than bore you w/ more details of HOW WE DID IT, I am just going to SHOW YOU.  Before & After pics speak a thousand words, and frankly, I deserve a rest.  Seriously.

And here it is today, June 26th.  Office Sweet Office.

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  1. You know I love this…that fireplace sure too a lot
    of work!

    Not that the rest of it didn’t.

    In the background, I see the green front door and that HUGE back-set on the door hardware.

    Great work!

    1. Thanks MTAE! Coming from a trained professional, that means a lot – especially since you know how much work it involved. John deserves accolades, truly, for the sanding alone. As for the back-set –it is AWESOME. We still have the working key even! Too cool.

  2. You said it – the longest chunk of time in this room centered around removing the old (lead) paint from the raised paneling and the fluted pilasters. I took down the pilasters and sanded each of the flutes, which took many hours and then scraped and sanded each the panels. In between sanding, lots of vacuuming and wiping.

    Then there was the fun of opening the damper on the fireplace itself and cleaning out the accumulated debris in there. Lots of leaves and old mortar, along with a few small rodent skeletons, made it so much fun… It’s good to be done this one.

    1. Baby, You are the BEST!! Brains, brawn & beauty. Thank you for your dedication not only to this house, but to our family, and to me. I love you with all of my heart. xoxoxo

  3. i love it!

    are you guys planning to contact any magazines when you’re done, like southern living or this old house?
    you deserve to have your home featured!

    1. Thanks so much Christa! We are loving it too. Seriously – now we’re in this room like 75% of the day, as a family. Even the kids are getting along. It’s a festivus miracle!

      As for the magazine feature. I would LOVE IT. Any takers out there?? Huh? huh??!

  4. First of all, ya’ll are fearless when it comes to paint. Secondly, your office is exquisite! Exquisite!!

  5. Christy and John,

    Love it. The work you have done and the improvements you’ve made in 10 months are astounding. We are so proud of you.

    Dad and Mom

  6. Once again you two did the unthinkable… the others who ran away when they could not see past the now and picture a future are kicking themselves! Amazing job…

    1. Aww, Rita – you are too sweet. Thanks for your kind words. Hopefully it will inspire others to tackle challenges they might not otherwise have tried. At least I hope so!

  7. You two completed my father & mother’s dream. My folks brought the house back from being condemned by the city. Their work had to stop because of money, raising a family, and finally a lack of time & energy. You have bravely accepted the unknown, explored, & figured out a solution. Your dogged determination is monumental. As you said, many were daunted by the task. You visionaries succeeded. Can you now use your home as your jumping-off point for the next adventures? Thank you for sharing your journey with us daughters of the former owners of the Dole House in Stroudwater. Kate

  8. The office/music room looks fabulous! Again, I am impressed with your devotion to home renovations.

    I like the table for two in front of the fireplace, and the arrangement of family photos on the wall.

    1. Tammy – thank you so much! The girls & John love that table; they can play chess to their hearts content – and use laptops the rest of the time. Win-win! And you can just guess whose desk is beneath all those photos..

  9. i can’t wait for all the work to be finished so that ant and i can FINALLY move into to our beautifully restored, historic maine house. how much longer???


    ps. seriously, it’s beautiful. i would have been leading the pack of people RUNNING from the house in terror at the sheer amount of work to be done.

    1. WELL CHICA – we still have a few projects up our sleeves.. you KNOW how it goes. But I’ve got ya on speed dial when all the grunt work is done. HAH!

      Thanks babe – truly. PS: Tell Jess to keep her eyes peeled. Be careful what you wish for.. xoxoxo

  10. You gotta love Connie! ;o)
    Wow Christy it looks amazing… I am in awe of the work you two do!
    I love that your mom and dad love it too!
    So… Nat thinks she’s moving in does she…. she’ll have to be quick…. The slow boat was from China not England! xxxxx

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