Dress Quest 2010

Three weeks ago, I posted about the agony of finding the perfect dress for my sister’s upcoming wedding.  I talked about the bevy of stores I’d been visiting in person and online, and briefly mentioned the swing towards HOOCH many modern bridesmaid dresses have taken.  As Maid of Honor, it was imperative I find the right dress.  My sister didn’t want something too formal, but being an evening affair it couldn’t be casual either.  She wanted it to be blue, preferably lighter in color, and shortish.  No small order, given most of the dresses I was finding were 1) not blue, and 2) too short for someone as tall as me.  To compound matters, I’d found dresses for my daughters in a pale ice blue – a great color but uncommon – and wanted to try to match mine to theirs.

I am not being dramatic when I say finding this dress was akin to being forked repeatedly in the eye whilst receiving electroshock.  I spent hours online, cruising websites till my buns was numb.  I went from store to store to store, trying on anything that could even remotely work, regardless of price or quality.  If it was blue, I put it on.  Most of what I found was horrific.  Cheap fabrics, poor cuts, too short, too skimpy, too bad.  A few dresses were lovely, and of course those were inevitably wrong, in whatever way.  One was too casual – and waaaaaay too expensive.  Another just too big – and past season.  No smaller size available.  A couple fit fine but were boring beyond belief.  With each passing day my frustration and sense of desperation grew palpably greater, and I was sleeping poorly at night.  Rather than dream, shades of blue would wash over me like waves, till it was time to start looking again.

And then it happened.  I’d practically given up when SHE arrived in the mail.  One look and I knew.  The right size, the right fit.  The silk chiffon was featherweight – no way would I be sweltering in the Georgia heat.  Okay, she was dark, and long, but she was CLASSY.  Formal without feeling stiff, flowy and feminine and beautiful.  The minute I put her on, I felt like a princess.  FINALLY! a dress to do my sister proud.  I’d never have imagined it, but I knew she was the one.

Don’t I scream Matro(fu)n of Honor?  YOU KNOW I DO!!  And it even looks great with the shoes I’d bought!  Even though it’s so long no one will ever even see them!  YAY!!

Now, having survived this experience, I would like to share some of my newly-acquired shopping knowledge so that others may be spared a margin of agony in their own quests.


J.Crew may have nice looking clothes, but they have the very worst shipping policy of any company I found.  I ordered from them twice.  On both occasions I bought two dresses, each weighing roughly 16 paperclips.  The first time they charged me $17.50 to ship.  You heard me right.  SEVENTEEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS to ship mere ounces of fabric.  And of course the dresses didn’t work and had to be shipped back – for an additional $7.50.  That happened not the one time, as I mentioned, but twice.  I told myself it’d be okay.  Well, you know what, J.Crew, it’s not okay.  Your dresses were labeled special occasion but you lied.  They looked like office wear.  And it’s not right to charge 4 times what a normal office dress would cost, plus an extra effing dress for shipping.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!  (I am so sickened by this whole thing, I can’t even open my eyes – PS: the copier is broken and someone drank the last of the coffee)


If you’re seeking nice footwear for any occasion, Nordstrom ROCKS.  Cutest shoes ever, great price, and the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I ordered online, shoes arrived – mine fit, Maddie’s fit, but Georgia’s were way too big.  I called them up, Adam (my rep) placed an exchange order for me immediately, which arrived tout de suite and fit perfectly.  Oh, and no shipping charge either.


I like Macy’s.  They may have a pretty limited selection of formal wear in my local Portland store, but their website stocks it all.  The orders arrived quickly and without issue.  Free shipping (at least for me).  Can you guess where the Dress came from?  OOooh I feel preeeety, ooh so preettty, and … A+


Bluefly is a neat website and makes me wish I had buckets of money to spend.  Their packaging was great.  My dress came wrapped in tissue in a nice Bluefly bag and everything.  Just like I’d been at their store (which I don’t think exists, but still..) Nice touch.  Their return policy left something to be desired, as I was forced to print out a return slip.  You know I kept the bag as compensation.


Like.com is cool. You type in just what you’re looking for, color, style and POOF! there is it, up on the screen.  Little thumbnail pix collected from sellers across the internet.  Simply scroll down and eyeball the selection.  Easy breezy!

So, that’s it for now.  I would say I’ll post more shopping knowledge as I acquire it, but now that I’ve found the dress I am avoiding retailers at all costs.  So instead I will leave you with a parting shot of me & the Dress.  Proof (at least to me) that God exists & loves me more than imaginable.  Amen.

31 thoughts on “Dress Quest 2010

    1. Awww shucks.. Rob, you are too sweet! I should have included a back pic, but I felt vain enough w/ the one. The back is also a V – very simple and pretty.

  1. Seriously, you are such a 1970s goddess. It really is the perfect dress.

    Also, wow, I wish I’d known about Like.com a hundred years ago. I actually thought of starting my own site just like that a few years back when I became an online shopping freak. Thanks!

    1. Golly, you people are making me blush! It was truly enough to find a dress I like – that my sister did too – but the fact that you all like it too – Wow! Now ENOUGH.

      PS: Like.com is very cool. My husband – the techie – hadn’t heard of it either. SO glad to share!

  2. Holy cow, “goddess” is RIGHT. Wow, woman, you look amaaaaaazing!

    I take back everything I said. Insert foot in mouth – CLEARLY I had no idea there was a “the one” as far as the dress went.

    You. Go. Girl.

    P.S. Did I mention AMAZING??


    I usually shop by using google images to get an idea of what I want but this is waaaaay better.

    1. THANKS Hayden – truly, enough w/ the compliments. You are all too kind.

      I am so glad you like Like.com — it is such a great site for shopping. Let me know if you buy anything cool! xo

  4. Beautiful dress! It looks fantastic on you. Great fit, style and color.

    Sorry for your troubles with finding the perfect dress. I can relate to your determination. You knew what you wanted and wouldn’t stop until you found the dress for you.

    Now the question is about your hair. Up or down? I can almost guess in the Georgia heat and humidity you’ll wear it up.

    1. Thanks Tammy! I am nothing if not persistent – hah!

      As for hair. Good question. My mom said my sister wants hers down (I think); she’ll likely say however I want it. Decisions, decisions..

  5. Love the dress… as for the shoes… break it out on the dance floor and show those babies off!

  6. Beautiful, Christy! Out of the box– beautiful! When is the wedding?
    Can’t wait to see you guys soon! I know John asked Joe for some of that grass, but I don’t know how that would work– with our packed car– and we’d have to stop in Portland on our way to Stonington. If we can squeeze the grass in, would stopping, and maybe staying overnight, on Tuesday work for you? I’d have to cancel one night at the motel in Stonington.
    And just to be clear: I am really talking about GRASS here. It is not a code word or slang for anything else!!

    1. Thanks so much, Laura!! Yep you can see it was straight outta the box by all the wrinkles~! We can’t wait to see you guys either – boy I hope the weather’s good. This spring’s been gorgeous so far. I wanted to remind you to bring warm clothes for the evenings. As soon as the sun starts going down, the temp drops like 20 degrees. So the days average 70s, but the nights 50s. Make sure you pack jeans, long sleeves, fleeces. Plus, being on the coast the weather changes at the drop of a hat. SO BRING ONE OF THOSE TOO! 🙂

      As for the GRASS _ HAHHAH! You made me lauuugh. I talked to John, he said FORGET IT! Waaaay too much hassle for what it’s worth, and can you imagine if you went to the trouble and it DIED?! Please, do not bring any – if we want to get some later in the summer, we’ll stop by on our way home from hotlanta. No worries! xo

  7. couldja? why must you be so statuesque and model-ish while i’m being mistaken for a pygmy on a daily basis?

    goddess was also the first word that came to mind…followed by regal and stunning. whatcha doing with your miles of hair for the big occasion?


    1. Oooh Curly babe – you are too funny. and sweet! Thanks for the compliments, makes getting out of bed in the morning worthwhile.

      Not sure about the hair – haven’t gotten the details from Suzanne yet. I am actually hoping to wear it down, sooooo much easier, and more casual.


  8. You look like a Nordic Princess, all ice and fire. (I warned you, you aren’t allowed to look better than the bride, they HATE that…) This quest reminds me a little of my own wedding. I told my sister, who lived in another state and was my Maid of Honor, to please find a dress that was flowy and blue. She made a smoky blue beauty that was very “flowy” indeed and looked PERFECT. You do, too. Now, enjoy!)

    1. Thanks so much Trace! But trust me, no one will outshine my sister. Not only is she radiant, but her dress is to die for. Cannot WAIT to see her walk down that aisle!!!

  9. Gorgeous as always! I think you should get a bump it and wear your hair in one of those greek goddess doos 🙂

    p.s. for sheer effort and making me laugh a lot I should just end my giveaway now…but I’m not…you have to beg more LOL

    1. Connie, I must have read your comment 5 times before deciphering a “bump it” is a hair device and that you were NOT suggesting my IT husband impregnate me for the wedding.. Honestly, I don’t know where my mind is half the time. But it’s pretty obvious I am NOT GETTING OUT ENOUGH!!!

      PS: pick MEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  10. You look a-fucking-mazing. I can say that cause I’m from Philly. Yo. I love how you don’t even have your eyes open. J. Crew – get a life. I had one too many glasses of white wine. oh shit, … can we visit you this summer? we’re thinking of taking a trip up north in late August. Whaddya Think????

    1. Erika – YOU WILD WOMAN YOU!! Bring your white wine drinking derriere up to Portland late August and we will have another time of our lives!! You crack me up. LOVE YA BABE!! XOXOXO

  11. Hey Christy — Congratulations! Really suits you. On a personal note, I had to laugh because I’m going through the same thing myself right now. Add the fact it is WINTER here and I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll have to either wear something I already own or shop once I arrive in the US. The upside is by end of July I assume I’ll get a good deal, if I can find my size! See you soon.

    1. Thanks so much, Tammy! It’s wonderful you’ll be able to make the wedding – it’ll be a gen-u-WINE Scholfield family reunion! HAH!! Best of luck w/ your own “dress quest.” I know you’ll look beautiful in whatever you choose. See you soon!! Much love & safe travels!

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