When bad things happen to anchor worms – Good Fish SURVIVE!

It’s no small task recovering from parasitic anchor worms.


Unless you’re a wonderfish w/ a will to live stronger than superglue.  That’s RIGHT folks.  Blackie the brave is ALIVE & well!!

Just weeks ago, he was host to a legion of creepy crawlies so repulsive they’d likely do in lesser men.  He underwent treatment, consisting of primitive home surgery and three – maybe four rounds of soak in potassium permanganate (aka PURPLE DIP).  He has spent almost a month living in a tiny glass bowl, without companion or decorative pagoda.  But, today –

all better


Looking back over the past weeks I am astounded.  MOST PEOPLE WOULD HAVE FLUSHED HIM AFTER ALL.  But despite everything, Blackie has not just survived.  He has thrived.

The parasites?  Gone.  His gaping wounds, incapable of scabbing?  Healed.  If I hadn’t seen it w/ my own eyes, I’d hardly believe it.


In the immortal words of Winston Churchill:

Never never never give up.

11 thoughts on “When bad things happen to anchor worms – Good Fish SURVIVE!

  1. Well I like a bit of good news as I go into the weekend! That will do nicely! Go Blackie! :o) (And and well done Fishie mommie and daddy! Good work!)

  2. Ok, I admit, I am truly impressed. I thought he was a goner for sure. I didn’t want you to flush him simply because I was afraid he’d put some horrible disease in the water and kill us all.

  3. You & me too Natalie..

    Amen to THAT Hayden!

    ALWAYS happy to help Daff — hope it was great!

    Tracie – LOL!

    Boy Connie, you gotta read my latest post. Talk about embarrassing..

  4. potassium permanganate (aka PURPLE DIP) is also called Condy’s Crystals and my Mum always used in on us kids when we had an infected scrape or the sort. The fact that is turned purple was even better. Glad Blackie is all good.

    I am about to go and treat my goldfish “Moe” for the same infliction. Wish him luck.


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