My weekend.

This post is for my own memory as much as anything, so ignore it if you’re already having a heavy day.

I woke up Friday morning feeling dizzy. Completely out of the blue. No ear symptoms, nothing. Every time I cough, move a certain way, I feel pressure in my head and get an intense spinning sensation. The rest of the time I just feel mild to acute dizziness. I took Meclizine Friday and Saturday, spoke to the on-call ENT Saturday as well. Sunday morn, I felt like crap from the medication and stopped taking it. Meclizine doesn’t do anything for me but sort of mask the sensations – like wearing a lead suit over your mind and body – and it was beginning to give me a headache. Yesterday, same dizziness. This morning (Monday) feeling exactly the same. Called the ENT – they’re not sure they can get me in this week, my doctor’s booked.

I am at a loss. Since the cruise this is the 2nd time I’ve had this dizziness w/out any noticeable ear symptoms. Have been wracking my brain to think WHAT could have triggered this episode. Sodium? Possibly – we had takeout last week, but it was Wednesday night. Thursday I felt fine. The weather here has been erratic, rain, cold – today is clear but we’re having 40+ mph gusts – not sure if that’s having any effect. I had dental work on Wednesday, with novocaine, and the molar he bonded is uneven and sticks up a bit in the back – it’s been annoying me, but could it cause something like this?? But again, I felt fine on Thursday – I should have had some reaction by Thursday – right? Drank a little too much red wine Thursday night (and I know I ingested some of the nasty sediment before I caught myself). I’ve googled red wine, tannins, sulfites. Everything and anything seems to be able to trigger meniere’s, but I’ve never had any issue before. And I just can’t understand why the dizziness is so persistent, with NO ear symptoms. I am trying desperately to stay calm, but I feel trapped in my own body.

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  1. I have had Meniere’s disease consistently for 4-1/2 years. When I have dental work done, other than teeth cleaning, the work must be done in 30 to 40 minutes or I have a Meniere’s episode. My dentists told me it is because I cannot have the stress that is caused by keeping my mouth open for long periods. The episode I had at that time lasted 5 weeks. I have a root canal being done by an specialist tomorrow and he will set a timer for 30 minutes or so and if not finished will schedule an additional appointment or two to prevent a reoccurrence.

  2. Patricia – I cannot thank you enough for finding me and writing this. I have been going out of my mind the past four days – plagued by fear and anxiety over what could have caused this episode. It makes so much sense, but I dismissed the dental work as routine. But now that I think about it, it seems such a simple explanation. I was lying tilted lower than I am accustomed, with the whirring of the drills, double novocaine and my mouth yanked open to the side drastically. It definitely fits. I suppose I’ve been lulled into thinking that I (we) can do things normally, but I see how wrong I’ve been. I wish you all the best with your appointment today and hope that you keep in touch. My sincere thanks again.

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